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Party Make Up Tips

Having hosted a couple of Jane Iredale make up events over the past month, I thought a couple of mascara top tips for parties would be helpful!

Obviously the best results are from the using Jane Iredale mascara due to the lack of shellacs and drying ingredients, but use up the one you have at home first. Ideally use the conditioning lash extender first You’ll be amazed how it thickens your lashes. It also means that you’ll use less mascara. Allow to dry until tacky and then apply your favorite formula of mascara. 

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Be sure to rock the mascara wand at the base of your lashes first. This is where you want the most product, then brush out to the tips. If you are going to layer mascara, don’t wait for each application to dry. This is what makes lashes stick together, and don’t pump brushes. This will force air into the tube and will dry out the product. Simply twist the brush in the tube to pick up more product. Brown or grey can look softer around the eyes than black, and remember, too much mascara can be aging. Less is more. Just apply it well!



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