People with Autism are very generous.

I haven’t written much about my brother recently, probably because everything is ticking a long quite nicely. This week I have been thinking about his generosity towards others. How he always gives to a homeless person in the street and how he will put his change in a charity box at a till.

I see him every couple of weeks, which is amazing seeing as before he was sectioned last year, I only saw him once or twice a year, and only then when I was called upon when there had been some upset in his flat or dispute with a neighbour. We meet in taunton for lunch, and sometimes a trip to a super market for some supplies. If you missed all the 2016 news check here.

Planning ahead is tricky.

Earlier this week we went to The Cosy Club in Taunton. He likes it because we can sit in the window and look out over the gardens or the street. Funny really as he never really looks out. He focusses entirely on his food. He doesn’t talk and eat. No multi tasking for him! I don’t think

We went in on Shrove Tuesday. I thought he may like to try a pancake. No. He doesn’t like pancakes because they ‘look like omelettes’, and he doesn’t like omelettes, because they are like pancakes. Work that one out. Is it the shape, texture or taste? Who knows?

The same routine every time.

He always likes to put his change in this NSPCC charity box. Every time we visit. He drops money in while I pay the bill. I don’t think he knows what the charity is, he just likes dropping the coins in, saying it’s ‘only coins’ and he should give them away to people who may need them. I hope they never move it! That will confuse him.

Food shopping needs to be a speedy process.

Having had lunch we pottered in to Lidl. As he likes consistency, he only shops there with me, liking the fact I can get all the bags in the car even though it’s a Mini. Spacial awareness is another oddity for someone who is autistic.

He was proudly telling me that one of the (