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Reboot required!

Everyone needs some time away from what they do. Time for a reboot and recharge. For me, all I need is some time by the sea and a massage. A good massage. Well, actually a full blown Ayurvedic spa experience! This was my destination of choice last week.

We found The Scarlet Hotel in Cornwall last year, and I vowed to make an annual trip. Remember this is where I discovered granola!  It’s only a couple of hours from us. Far enough to feel like you are on holiday, but close enough that you can arrive in time for lunch. Crab sandwiches overlooking the beach, to be exact. 

White for MrH and granary for me.

Never mind the weather. We have boots.

The weather was quite grey when we arrived but we got chance for a walk on the beach. I needed to be close to the sea! Since our last visit, the hotel had created an area of dunes, where we found some little wicker type pods hidden between the grassy tuffets. Sitting out of the wind watching the tide come in was perfect. 

Mindful moment by the sea in Cornwall

Switching off and unplugging.

I had switched off from Face Book while I was away. A complete social media amnesty wasn’t on the cards, as I do like sharing experiences as they happen. I allowed myself some Instagram and a few tweets on the second day. If anything it gave my neck a rest!

The trip really centres around my spa experience on the second day. Four hours of bliss. Not your usual pummelling and body buffing, but a true journey. In fact, it’s called a journey. Starting with a hammam bathing experience, then time to relax and be mindful, followed by the treatment…..

Last year it was a massage unlike any other. This year, my therapist (who I requested from our previous visit) had discussed the need for a different type of treatment. As I am of ‘that age’, where menopause is hovering around waiting to trip me up with mood swings and hot moments at the drop of a hat, the therapy was tailored around this. More nurturing this time. Grounding and nourishing.

It’s so clever how the universe works.

I’d been thinking about including more sound therapy in my own treatments, and had been considering a set of tuning forks. I already have a crystal singing bowl and a selection of shamanic tools. In my consultation with my therapist,Lorena, she suggested that the guided meditation section of the journey be a bath of sound! Crystal bowl, rain drum – which was amazing! – and chimes. No words, just a bath of sound. The rain drum just washed over me. Literally a cleansing wash of sound.

I always bring something back from treatments I experience. This time, there will be sound. After all, I had already been planning it in.  A rain drum is on order.

The body is made up of energy. Energy that is vibration. Vibration is sound. Sound heals.

This is why I go. To put my trust in another therapist who offers something quite special. The treatment, combined with the stunning surroundings and spectacular views combine to give me that re-boot. We all need that once in a while.

A great hotel makes their mocktails just as great as their cocktails.



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