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Seek The Oracle

I can't help seeing images of The Oracle from The Matrix when I'm discussing the new card project. If you know, you know. She has fascinates me. We are always seeking guidance in our lives, and Neo had to visit The Oracle on a few occasions.

Have you ever visited a clairvoyant or a medium for a reading?

My first experience was at college in Weston-Super-Mare, around 1986. A group of us went to visit 'Madam Tamar'. I can't remember much about it, except the waiting room was a little like the scenario in the film Ghost when Sam found Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg). In those days we were more interested in finding out if we would be married, and how many children we would have than anything else. I was upset that she told me I would have two children! That was never going to happen!

(Source: The Official Trailer)

There was much more to come.

I was on a three year hair and beauty course - there were no gel nails, intimate waxing or microblading of brows. I've been in the industry a LONG time! There was no reflexology or reiki treatments on salon menus in those days. You were lucky if the salon you worked in did French Polish in a manicure - that was VERY new!

Towards the end of our training I became very interested in the more holistic way of working with clients, even though 'holistic ' wasn't a word that was seen anywhere. Remember, this was a long time before the term 'day spa' appeared, and when aromatherapy was an alternative medicine and not, as we now call it, a Complementary Therapy. Those of us who wanted to train as Aromatherapists had to pay for an extra course at the end of our three years. It certainly wasn't included in our curriculum. Sixteen of us were lucky to train with Shirley Price, a leading educator in the world of energy therapies and aromatherapy. I was fascinated how she could feel energy around a client, and I wanted to learn how!

There weren't many of us around.

I used to give talks on aromatherapy to W.I Groups and schools. I'd open my wooden box of oils like a pandoras box. From these talks I gained more like minded clients, who in turn began to teach me things that I would remember rest of my life.

A lovely lady - Diana Jordon, taught me how to dowse with a pendulum. (It's funny how I remembered her name after nearly thirty years!) She only had eyelash tints, and one day she stopped me at reception, and said, 'I must show you this!'. She took off her pendant and showed me how to use it to dowse. It was my party trick for years, although it wasn't a trick at all!

Another lady, who I remember kept Angora goats, directed me towards books about the cosmos and how to plant seeds depending on the lunar cycle. Very 'unusual' reading in those days!

Little did I know at the time, that all these encounters were signposts to bring me to where I am today. My early ORACLES!

In my early years I looked for guidance.

Having a reading was the thing to do in the 90s. You could even book Reading Parties! That didn't float my boat at all, especially after the Madam Tamar waiting room experience! I used to have a reading with a fabulous lady in Taunton every year or two. Her name was Eileen Lang and she would use a very strange tatty set of cards, that weren't like anything I'd seen before. She smoked like a chimney, but never in a reading, and had already typed half of the information before you arrived - and she was always spot on! I can still remember her telephone number!

As I settled into my life and became more confident in my path, I drifted away from having regular readings. Instead, I would dowse for guidance, or use a set of oracle cards for a little nudge. I use them like a key to unlock my own intuition and focus my attention. I have a few boxes, as well as a set of Tarot, but they can sometimes stay hidden for weeks on end.

Now is the time

Everything happens for a reason, and I'm now on another little side-path. The Emerging Collection of art has just been launched, and I now find myself deep in a new project. A collaboration with my friend Lorrie Kelly, a fabulous reader of cards. She has a vast collection of decks - I have serious 'card-envy'!

Now is the time to create her own set, and what better way to do it, than to collaborate with me! Abstract Energy Art to stimulate the imagination and help you to tap into your own creativity.

If you have no idea what oracle cards really are, Lorrie has explained it all HERE.

It's early days....

We are in the early planning stage at the moment. What size of card? What finish? How easily do they shuffle? What about the box?

Lorrie is the writer, and I am the artist.

My job is to create the art, and if you follow me on instagram, you'll be seeing things develop!

There will soon be a link with much more information and images, so you will be able to register your interest. Remember, don't need to be a tarot reader to enjoy this deck. As one client pointed out the other day, it will be like having 54 little pieces of Nicki energy in her hand!

Click the image below for a 30 second peak of the work in progress!

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