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So, I am writing a book

Here begins my ‘excerpts from the unpublished book’. the title is still Top Secret and the illustrations are still being finished by the lovely Annabel Tempest


My husband is Military and has a saying – ~ Plans are a Basis for Change ~ – This is a phrase that used to irritate me in our early days of marriage, as plans changing were often a disruption to my routine. As my life started to become more flexible, and I started to look into the more subtle energies and workings of the universe, and I decided to draw the ‘Plans are a Basis for Change’ card. I sold both salons. A big leap of faith, but I did it, and I now have a unique purpose built Holistic Centre in the Somerset Countryside. Clients are seen on a one to one basis, and I am able to teach Reiki and Mindfulness to groups from a perfect setting on the Somerset Levels. My facials are bespoke and time is taken to treat the whole person and not just the skin.

Sometimes I look back on the industry as a whole and wonder what life would be like if I was still running those salons. The buzz excited me and the industry is ever changing and providing amazing treatments for our 21st century demands. New machines giving superb exfoliating facials, amazing lifting firming body treatments and a plethora of nail therapies to confuse even the most proficient therapist. Beauty award ceremonies to compete in and a window display to plan for each season. Do I miss it? Sometimes, but if I hadn’t had such an amazing time growing and developing the salons, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I had always wanted to be self employed. I had always wanted to own my own salon.

No one knows what the future holds. When I was at college I wanted to work on the cruise liners. Sadly in those days two years salon experience was required before they would even give you an interview. (Today they have their own beauty training centres). I was ‘lucky’ on leaving college to be offered the room above the hairdressers. Lucky to have been self employed from the start of my career, although it was quite daunting, and thankfully my mother had been self employed for many years, so a trip to her accountant and a loan from my step father got me set up with my first couch and a wax pot. I got started. I never did get to see the world on the liners. Not as a therapist anyway.

There have been so many obstacles in my way. People have come into my life for different reasons and given me help and guidance. I now know why I am here. I know what I must do…. and that is to write this book.



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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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