So you don’t really ‘get’ twitter….???

How many times do I hear this? Clients saying that they have a twitter account but they don’t really ‘get it’. Many times! I also hear new businesses saying the same. They have been boggled by the intense full on twitter marketing instructions that their web designer has given them. Full on, in your face marketing via twitter.


I love twitter…. It has brought me great connections and new friends. Admittedly when a friend suggested I use it, I too was confused and thought it was all about celebrities posting selfies and people saying what that had for lunch or how long the supermarket queue was.  Yes, people do that. It depends who you follow and why you want to use it. My thoughts on twitter have changed a great deal and now I wouldn’t be without it. I really find it useful and have met some amazing people, have receive a huge amount of help through it especially with the publishing of my book, and I find the ability to connect people to businesses very fast and rewarding.

Ask yourself why you are using it? Purely for business? To be social? I have a friend who has been practically house bound for a few years and twitter was a life line for her, keeping her connected to the news and friends together with like minded people, and those with a similar illness to her. She could pick and choose who to follow and talk to. I have another friend who uses it to chat. Like a modern chat room but you get to choose who you let in. It can help connect you with people all over the world and you can learn so much!

Some people are just ‘watchers’. Not stalkers! They like to follow people and see what interests them, but they don’t say much themselves. With twitter you can use it as you like. I find it useful to connect with local businesses and trades, as well as spreading the word about what I do. I try to balance my tweets by being very ‘real’. After all, if people don’t like the way I tweet, they won’t like the way I treat!

Twitter Tips from me – Not an expert in SEO but a real  person!

In order to gain followers as a business, I suggest you look at your profile. Have a good profile shot and choose your words well. If you don’t upload a profile shot twitter will give you an ‘egg’ shape….and people tend not to follow eggs – eggs used to be spammers! If you have a website or blog, add that too. f you’re just you, and not a business, don’t be afraid to say a little about yourself. When people follow me, I look at their profile and their recent tweets to see if I would like to follow them back. You don’t have to follow everyone that follows you!

Then go and follow some people! Most businesses tweet….restaurants, shops etc. Follow people that interest you. Follow some celebs  if you like, you can always unfollow them. You will get to notice who do their own tweets and those who have generic ones.