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Sometimes when you stop….

So today we have snow…. Beautiful fluffy tickling your face type snow. Unless you are on the M4…A303 ….or pretty much anywhere North of here, then its annoying slippy slidey, accident causing snow.

I was concerned over the re-scheduling clients. Living and working in the beautiful Somerset countryside, its not easy to get to me if the weather is like this.

But as I sit looking over the garden, thankful for the internet, my warm socks and my hot chocolate, I see that the universe has given me time….. Something I never used to have much of. Having owned and run two large salons I remember the times when I wished for ‘time off’…and when it came I was too tired or stressed to really enjoy it. Here, I have peace, nature, countryside. I am thankful there is food in the fridge. I was prepared, but I feel my apple supply will be shared between the birds who are flocking to the bird table. I can see Mother Nature resting her white blanket over my garden, and this morning I had the most wonderful walk with my beautiful Reiki Dog Bob….

Today I took the ‘proper’ camera…today I am thankful and humbled as Mother Nature was giving me the perfect setting for Orbs!

The most amazing energetic spheres of love light energy…. Collectives, Elementals…..

I’m not sure Bob was aware of the beautiful energies surrounding him.

This has made my day. Stay Safe. Stay Warm.




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