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The Detox Craze. So it’s started again!

No matter where you look, it’s with us again….Detox. Diet this, detox that. Good Carbs, low carbs, sugar free, juicing, 5:2…. blah blah blah.

I guess this is when I notice how many years I have been doing what I do. It hardly seems five minutes ago that I was answering questions on juicing and detox, but it’s been a whole year! January is here again and everyone wants to be healthy. They join the gym, go ‘dry’ and, no matter what the craze of the moment is, there will always be a need for a cleansing cut back. That is, if you all went a bit mad over Christmas.

I see that Jason Vale did a ‘prepare yourself week’ this year, rather than the full on Global Detox starting straight after New Year. He is also offering a few different options for those who don’t want to do a full Juice Cleanse. There are different time frames, and one that includes warming soups as well as juice. Let’s face it, soup is just warm juice. Warm vegetable juice, not orange juice!

broccoli soup

I used to recommend certain juicers to clients but there are so many on the market these days, it’s best to do your own research. Aim to spend between £80 and £100 if you want it to last. A fast easy to clean centrifugal one will suit most households. I have a slow masticating one from Retro Juicers. More parts to clean but I get more juice, and it’s great for spinach. No need to squish leafy veg in to a ball or squish between apples.

I juice everyday. Every morning. It’s part of my routine and has been for about five years now. It ensures I get my five a day. More vegetables than fruit and straight in to my tummy. All those super enzymes, vitamins and minerals. I also have ‘breakfast’ and I also eat real food. I rarely eat ‘processed’ food, and I cook from scratch by planning meals ahead.

When I started juicing there were no Nutribullets. Just juicers. There is a place for both, but personally, first thing in the morning, I like a lovely clean juice. Not a jug of pulverised baby food. It’s personal choice!

I also don’t need to do a post Christmas ‘detox’. My diet changed slightly with a few mince pies and some Christmas cake, I don’t really drink alcohol so no extra calories consumed there. I’ve just got back to my normal routine.

There is some controversy about the word ‘detox’ too. If your body was ‘toxic’ you would be dead. We generally use the word ‘detox’ to describe an ‘eating clean’ regime. Taking time to cleanse out the system. I’ve been in this industry for nearly 30 years. It always happens. January arrives, and the world wants to ‘detox’. It’s just a word. The advent of social media and the speed at which we can read things has made every thing so accessible.  Lets not get precious about the wording. Just tone down the rich foods, clear out the fridge. Give the rest of the chocolates away. Take a moment to prepare some lovely nourishing foods. Start juicing again if you stopped. Buy a juicer if you haven’t got one. Check in to The Juice Master Web Site and find a programme to suit you. This isn’t always about loosing weight, it’s just about eating clean.

Make it part of your lifestyle. You can’t go anywhere these days without hearing about the dangers of sugar and processed food. Think about it…..

…and while you are thinking about it, think about where you are getting your produce from. Get the best you can afford. Buy organic if you can. Our soil is so globally depleted, even if we juice and eat organic, we don’t get all the vital minerals we require from food 

any more. Soil depletion is a big concern, as our bodies need 60 vital minerals a day, and most people get about…. 20! So have a look at this. An amazing way to really get all you need, in a form your body can process, and at a very good price!



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