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The Solstice is here! We are half way through the year already!

It’s that solstice time again. The mid year turning point, where we are half way through and have time to reflect. Have we learnt anything?

Well, it’s been a weird one for sure. There is so much going on out of our own bubbles – and I don’t mean our new social bubbles that the government has said we can have – I mean out own spheres. Our own bubbles of energy. Whatever your views of this Covid time, there is no doubt that it has affected everyone. You may have diversified your working day and relocated to ‘work from home’, or you could be furloughed. Some of you have continued with your usual jobs with others working extra hard to provide everyone else with the things they need – delivery drivers, supermarket workers, NHS staff and many more.

It’s a time for gratitude

I think we have gone beyond the fear stage. When I first started blogging during this Lockdown time, I think everyone was fearful and worried about their own mortality. We spent hours listening to statistics and death rates. We didn’t want to go anywhere or breathe on anyone.

The threat hasn’t gone away, but I feel we are more settled. The virus is still there, and I’m not sure about you, but I feel a bit more relaxed about it. Not relaxed enough to ignore the rules, and certainly not relaxed enough to break them and start work again. There’s a big fine for salons that open during this time!

I’m in the gratitude stage of having time off that I would never be able to take. Gratitude for the weather and the fact I don’t have to home school, or work from home in a flat with a computer on my lap. I’m grateful that I had art in the wings that was waiting for me to spend full days immersed within its papery- canvasey- painty arms.

What does midsummer mean to you?

The summer Solstice falls between the traditional planting and harvesting of crops in times gone by, leaving people who worked the land time to relax. This is why June is the traditional month for weddings – People are resting. They still take holidays and they enjoy  Flaming June. We tend to celebrate our summer, but it’s a signal that the sun stops moving north and the days start to become shorter. It’s the midway point and for me a time to reflect a little. Do you reflect, or does it just pass you by?

Maybe this is my re-set button.

With our enforced Lockdown I was able to take a vast amount of time off in which to fully create and paint. I could garden, and enjoy the space. I could eat lunch everyday because I had time to prepare it. I have made bread, planted seeds, and just laid around in the sunshine.

I don’t want you all to worry, I am re-opening as a therapy space. We have painted the outside, extended the decking, and the inside has been painted from top to bottom. Curtains cleaned, windows washed and I’m ready to go – whenever they say it’s ok to do so.

BUT, I have like many others, had a reduced income during this time of change, so I’ve been selling my art work instead. I’ve tested the waters and it’s all ok! It’s ok to paint big and people are really interested. It’s ok to consider limited edition prints – you’ll have to wait until the exhibition in September though – because people have also been painting their houses and are really interested in energy art for the walls. The space to step forward was created for me by a virus that has rocked the world.

I found my vibe.

My work has shifted and changed again. A whole new story emerging in perfect time for the rescheduled exhibition. There’s a whole new vibe and the process is incredible. Who knows what will emerge over the Solstice this weekend!

Amazing things have been created in the studio

I’m an energy artist and light-worker and I love the solstice.

I’ve always worked with energy and I’ve been lucky to have always worked for myself as a therapist for over thirty years, and I’ve recently been drawn to work in a different way. I’ve walked the talk and pulled on all my resources to get me through the weird covid times. The Solstice is a great time settle in for some self care and time out. Breathe, take a moment, light a candle and sit outside in nature.

Something I saw today…..

If you don’t turn your life into a story,

you just become a part of someone else’s story.

– Terry Practchett


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