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The Story of the Seahorse

When I create a piece of work, I have no idea how it will look by the end of the process. I intuitively choose the paint, canvas or paper, then christening the base with palosanto, smudging with intention.

I don't intend for an image to form, but sometimes one will shine through, although more often than not, more images will be seen by the viewer!

Moving On

This is the story of a stunning piece - 'Moving On' - because we are. We always move forward. We never go back. Unless we are time travellers and that's quite rare! Time is just TIME. We evolve and grow, shift and change.

No words can really explain how I felt when I was in the flow creating her, using breath to move the paint on the handmade rag paper from Two Rivers Mill on Exmoor. Gold Leaf and pure alchemy pulled the energies together.

This was the lead piece at the TIME exhibition last week. She caught everyone's attention.

We had positioned her at the back of the venue so she literally called people to her.

The opening night finished at 8pm, and with 20 minutes to to the end, I spotted a lovely lady taking photos of her - I'd just like to point out that I don't have an issue with people taking photos of my work. The pieces can't be recreated in any way. It's energy art.... no one can create this work other than me, and if taking a photo or video helps you see if you'd like to buy it, then that's fine with me.

Back to the lovely lady who was viewing it. She had kept looking at it through the whole evening. I've actually known her for about 20 years and this was the first exhibition she had been able to attend since the ol' Rona.

Her mum had passed away about three years ago, followed six months later by her beloved dad.

The whole probate was messy and took a long, long time to sort out, meanwhile she got poorly with the big C, and I lost touch with her for about a year while she was having treatment without anyone really knowing. This was one of her first big outings with her new real hair, having worn a wig for a long time.

A wig that was exactly like her 'old' hair, so most people didn't know how poorly she had been. They just thought she had now had her hair cut, when the real reason for the new look was that the wig was far too hot to wear on top of her new hair!

She looked amazing! She was moving on!

To her it was a seahorse.

As she looked at the painting she saw a seahorse, not a dragon like many others had seen. Mesmerised, she kept returning, to look really closely from all angles. The exchange of words between us as she stood back and looked again were heartfelt and truly emotional. Writing doesn't really have the same energy as hearing them and seeing her reaction when asked, 'Margaret, do you want the painting?'

'Yes, Nicki, I really really do'.

With tears in her eyes she told me that she hasn't bought anything 'big' for herself for many years. Her mums favourite animal was the seahorse. They used to spend time in Bournemouth sailing, and knew all about the Seahorse Project and sea grasses at Studland Bay. I had no idea about this, but I do now!

As she was telling me the story, we both got goosebumps. That's a sure sign a piece of energy art is near it's new owner!

Moving on, has moved on.

I delivered her last week, although I don't think she's being hung straight away. There was talk about a wall being painted first - she deserved to go on a newly painted wall!

I'm also moving on. This piece was the start of a new direction. I'm still working on canvas for larger pieces and commissions, but going back the beginning with the beautiful handmade paper feels SO good! The feeling I get when I touch the paper, and watch the paint moving across it with my breath is something I can't really explain in words. It's beautiful. 'Moving On' was powerful and beautiful. It was by far the most powerful piece I have ever created.

We are all continually Moving On.

The last few years have given many people the clarity they need to use their TIME wisely. Is this something you have thought about and changed recently?



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