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The World Will Not End….at least I hope not!

As the 21st December 2012 draws ever closer we have the fun aspect of various radio presenters joking that ‘if the World is going to end maybe they should not plan their radio shows for the weekend….or maybe they should have their Christmas gifts early?’ We also have the people who are planning to enjoy whatever the universe chooses to give them, as they celebrate the Solstice in their usual way….and we have people who have no idea what all the fuss is about at all .

The world will not end. The world will continue to spin.

There is an alignment of planets that happens every 26,000 years and we are privileged to experience (if you are into that sort of thing) If you like numerology there is much to learn about this time and the Maths behind it all….

But for most, Christmas shopping will continue, mince pies will be baked, work will still be done and school nativity plays will still be attended.

People may, if they take a moment to think about it, realise that their emotions are a little more heightened than usual…. some of my clients are having relationship issues, and others are unwell with colds. Colds are just a cleansing process, and relationship issues….well, take each day as it comes. Be ‘in the moment’. Everything will work out just as it is meant to. Ride the wave, as they say!

What will I be doing ? I shall be treating some people who wanted to experience something ‘special’ on this auspicious day…. a few Hot and Cold Stones will be preformed with the real essence of shamanic work and the connection to the deeper purpose of why we are here. For those others who have no idea what I am talking about…. you don’t need to, but if you seek more…that is why I am here.

Ask… learn…evolve.

I shall be lighting a candle and reflecting on the year that has passed by….I shall be releasing any thoughts that no longer serve me, and I shall be manifesting my path ahead.

Whatever you do….. whether you ‘feel’ anything or not, the solstice will always happen. It will always mark the shortest day, and the start of winter. Enjoy. Breathe.


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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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