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Time to get out!

It’s been nearly a year since my brother was admitted to hospital under section 2 of the Mental Health Act. So much has happened since then, having to cut through all the red tape, and then find him somewhere new to live. It has been an eventful time but so rewarding. Today, as the weather has improved, it was time for the next phase – getting him out more – on his bicycle.

Time to get out.

Loneliness is a real issue, like it is for many. It’s easy for him to stay in his flat just watching the TV. As the weather is improving he has been asking about getting a pump for the tyres, so the time was right. Another step closer to getting him out and about on a bicycle he hasn’t used in at least 10 years. I think he now realises the need to take care of himself a little more and get some exercise.

Safety first.

Today he walked it down to Ralph Coleman in Taunton where we got lights, and a new lock. The staff were so kind, and showed him exactly what they were going to do in the service, and when specifically it would be ready. Remember, h

Making use of cycle routes.

We are starting in the local park on the cycle routes. In fact, the team at Mencap who provide his care, have found a voluntary worker who is happy to take him out for practice. The last time he cycled around town, there were no such things as cycle lanes, so that will something to negotiate, but so much safer than the roads.

I never really give them much thought, but today I was thankful that he will be able to get the hang of cycling in a relatively safe way, by using the miles of cycle routes available in and around Taunton.

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