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Time turns again on the 21st

Here is is again. The Solstice. It hardly seems any time at all since I was writing about this last year, and now it’s here again. Time seems to be marked with events that stick in your mind that aren’t just birthdays. For me, the shortest day and the longest, darkest night, is a real focal point of my year. This year the solstice occurs tomorrow, Wednesday December 21st at 10:44 GMT- so for all of you who want to greet the new sun as it rises on the shortest day, you don’t have to get up too early!

I love it. I notice it more than the longest day in the summer. Probably because the event of Christmas is just round the corner.

For me, it’s all about honouring of Mother Earth, and bringing the outside in. I try to have my tree decked a week before Christmas, so it’s up ready for the 21st. It doesn’t feel right doing it too early.

Bringing the outside in.

The tree is a big part of Yule Tide. I tend to choose an evening when I can spend a couple of hours in the midst of boxes, lights and my favourite decorations. It’s a mindful process and I love it!  I also make a wreath for the door, with greenery from the garden. Holly, ivy, rosemary, mistletoe, and bay. I believe this dates back to the Romans. Sometimes I think it should be a bit more creative and I should try an arty-farty one, but then I forget, run out of time and end up with the traditional type. I am lucky that I live in the country and have a garden brimming with berries and ivy just waiting to be brought inside.

Feeling melancholy.

It’s a funny time of year. People rushing around shopping, cleaning houses ready for guests, and wrapping gifts. It can all get a bit bit manic. There’s the other side of it too, when our attention is drawn to the plights throughout our planet that cause pain and trauma. The homeless in or own towns and the loneliness of those who have lost relatives and have no one to visit them at Christmas. It’s no different to any other time of year, but we take more notice at this time of year. I find that the solstice makes me quite melancholy. More so than at New Year.

What will you do?

Sometimes on the Winter Solstice I spend time outside with my fire pit where I can set intentions, just like I sometimes do on a New Moon. Other times I snuggle up inside in front my log burner with some candles. Just taking a moment to ‘be’.

Taking time to notice. Taking time to stop and be thankful for the planet we are walking upon. The solstice is a marker in time for us all.  It’s a great time to set intentions and look forward to the Spring. Whatever you do, you can be certain that the days will be getting longer and the darkness will give way to light.  It’s a marker in time. Notice it.



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