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La Stone Therapy is the most beautifully relaxing, balancing and inspiring treatment on my menu, is the original ‘hot stone’ treatment…. using the thermo-dynamics of both hot and COLD.

I have been offering this incredible treatment for the past 14 years and it just gets better and better.

There are many ‘hot stone’ treatments on the spa circuit and all are valid in their own way. Many clients try ‘hot stones’ while away on a spa break or holiday and are often quite disappointed due to the limited time allocated and total lack of cold stones. These treatments are very very different from the original. They all have a place, but they are not true La Stone.

Pronounced as ‘La’…as in the French and not LA as in Hollywood, it is in my view, the most holistic treatment for mind, body and spirit….. Some people think that the treatment is merely the pacing of stones on the body as seen in many spa images, and are unaware that they are used in the massage itself. Hot smooth volcanic basalt stones are combined with cool marble, jade and sardonyx to physically re-energise the body, and balance the mind.

The principles of thermo-dynamics enables the hot and cool stones to push and pull the blood and toxins through the whole system.

On a physical level this aids as a superb detox as well as releasing deep muscle tensions. One stroke with a hot stone is 10 times deeper than swedish massage.

On an emotional and spiritual level using Reiki and Shamanic Healing techniques it can take you on a journey of relaxation and healing unlike any other…..

No two treatments are the same, and the stones hold so much energy of their own that they almost ‘know’ how to re-balance the subtle energy flows within the body and auric field.

Recently I have added beautiful chakra oils to the treatment which can really expand the energy flow, as well as ‘sound’ therapy with crystal signing bowls.

Experiencing is truly believing.

An incredible journey ~ 90 minutes ~ £82.50


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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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