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The Synchronicity of the Diamond Jubilee Superb, absolutely superb. Not just the artists, the organisation, the incredible song…’Sing‘, the venue, the essence….but the ENERGY. We are supposedly in a recession, the world is meant to be at crisis point. The world is just shifting and changing. You see what we can do when we get together for great things? The masses can cause damage and unrest – just think back to the Riots last year – but just see how amazingly powerful we all are when we get together for good things. You could feel the power and the energy even in your own living room watching the celebrations alone or with friends. Royalist, non royalist, or just a lover of music….. you can’t dispute it…The POWER and the energy during that concert was incredible. The connection of the masses feeling total jubilation. Total Connectedness. Just look at how many thousands of people were in The Mall… a road, just a road…squashed in, all feeling it….feeling the essence of unity and celebration.

How many of those people knew that it was also a Full Moon and a forthcoming Lunar Eclipse on the 5th and 6th. It is the ‘Transit of Venus‘ where for the first time since 2004 Venus conjuncts with the Sun and crosses its face. Technically an eclipse but Venus is so small it won’t be seen as a total eclipse of the sun. Venus is the planet of love, representing our relationships and interactions with others.

Apparently, and I am no expert in this field, there will be a surge of high strung emotional energy that will drive us all to ‘let go’ and ‘move on’. It may, if you look at the negative side, cause small arguments and disruptions, but on a positive note, it creates NEW beginnings, the shedding of old and an upsurge of incredible creative restorative energy. The planet is shifting and changing. Lets look at it shifting and changing for GOOD…and not the doom and gloom the media choose for us to follow. If we all unite as we did last night. If that energy can be harnessed globally in one night….why can’t it continue? Why cant we all wake up and see? Remember how you felt when you heard and saw the performance of ‘SING‘ on the stage? The country was absorbed, my twitter feed was quiet….go on watch it again…. Really watch it. You will still get goose bumps again and again. The more you watch the more you will open your energies and your connectedness. If you are watching now, over the next two days, it will affect you more due to the energies of beautiful Venus.

I wonder if Gary Barlow sees the enormity of his ‘journey’….how much this song will be used to connect and empower. It’s not just a ‘Jubilee’ celebration. Those incredible musicians coming together….the technicians, the planning, the power behind it all…. A Diamond Jubilee for our incredible Queen, A Lunar Eclipse and the Transit of Venus…all together……all at once…. Superb. Think about it. Feel it.

This is Synchronicty at its best. Can you see what we are capable of?


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