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Mindful Mats My Yoga mat is my place, my space, my mat. Even Bob the Dog doesn’t sit on it. When you roll out your mat, your intention could be for a full hour of yoga in a class, a quiet practice at home, or just sitting to meditate and reflect. This morning my practice was focused. I have been trying to write a workshop on Mindfulness. The new Buzz word.


There it was, while in a Childs Pose on my mat – inspiration. I was being Mindful On My Mat.

My space, my mat, my breath, my focus. Simple.

Today’s practice was different to yesterdays. The practice I do when attending a workshop with AnnSee Yeoh at The Clock Tower Wellness Centre is completely different again. Everything is as it is. Present moment awareness. So many books, so many teachings…Zen work, Living in the NOW books…. Mindfulness books… Sometimes you just need someone to show you the most simple thing. Focus…..but don’t force it. Don’t worry if your thoughts wander…. just bring them back to your mat. Be Mindful on your mat! Take a moment, breathe. Decide what your practice will be. Let it flow. Listen to your body……Listen to it. Feel it…. feel the breath….. Feel the tension…and allow it to move through your body. Try not to over concern yourself with why you can’t do a particular pose. Just be in the pose as you are. Feel it. Breathe it….and move further in to it. One of the best places to understand Mindfulness is to take your place on your MAT. Nothing else matters. You, your mat, your breath. Start there.



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