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Feelings on a Sunday

While listening to the dedications from people ‘in love’ on Steve Wright Radio2 love songs this morning, it made me think… were all the ‘feelings’ in those requests true from the heart ?

‘Love from the bottom of my heart … All my heart.…’

Do we actually stop to feel that emotion? The one that makes you yearn inside. The one that makes your insides melt with a feeling that is almost indescribable…

Do we actually STOP and feel where our emotions come from or do we just say words flippantly?

Like…’I felt sick to my stomach’ …. Did you? Or did you just say it?

‘My heart bleeds….I feel for you…’ Do you? Or do you just ‘understand ‘

We have evolved into such a ‘thinking’ race.. spending most of our time in our heads….

Do we ever STOP and FEEL where the emotion is coming from…?

Probably not.

That’s why we get sick.


I recently attended a meditation and yoga workshop with Ann-see Yeoh at The Castle Hotel where we took a moment to STOP, funnelling all our thoughts, reducing our breathing, and meditating while watching our thoughts pass by like clouds. We became mindful.

When you become ‘present’ you can feel and listen to your body.

Feel where in your body the emotion sits….

If it’s joyful hold on to it… If it makes you sad, angry, agitated…. Feel where in your body that sits… Notice it. And the hard part…. Release it…Release it with Breath. Release it with the help of therapies…. The only thing that matters is your ‘Present Moment Awareness’.

If the negative emotion sits there too long it will make you sick…a little sick with colds, skin disorders, muscle aches or deeper dis-ease.

We are ‘allowed’ to feel angry, sad, irritated…we are human. We are souls having a human experience. Its how you deal with your ‘stuff’ that matters.

A great friend and teacher of mine Ben Barnett does some great transformational work in his therapies allowing you to understand and feel the tension in the body during a fabulous massage and guided mediation specifically aimed at creating amazing new things in your life.

These theories are not new…. Many books have been written on how the body manifests dis-ease and how different emotions cause imbalances. Being AWARE is the start.

So how are you actually feeling?…and more to the point…what are you going to do about it?


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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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