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How Dry is Your Skin?

So many clients at this time of year are complaining of dry skin. Some may be drier than usual, some have developed dry skin for the first time. This papery, thin, flaky and sometimes itchy skin can be caused by a variety of internal and external factors: Poor Skin Care Lack of good moisturisers and no exfoliation of dead skin cells. Lack of Internal Hydration We tend to drink less water when it is cold. Dry Environments Central heating, log fires, car heaters. Weather Walking, or outdoor sports in the cold and wind. Age As the skin matures, sebum (oil from sebaceous glands) is produced at a much slower rate.

All all these factors can affect the skin…..and all can be remedied easily.

Good skin care – Look at your moisturiser. Chose one prescribed by a professional, preferably after a facial where the skin can be assessed and rehydrated. However, good products are false economy if your environmental issues are not addressed, and your water consumption is not increased. Change your cold water for warm Herbal Teas. I particularly recommend Pukka Teas – which I shall be stocking in February and offering as refreshments in the salon.

Cover your face when walking in cold winds and icy conditions. A physical barrier will help to keep the chill away……and yes you may well look like a burglar! When skiing, take a more intensive moisturiser and a deep penetrating serum like the Repêchage C Serum which will deeply hydrate giving a full dose of all the vitamins and minerals your sin needs without clogging the skin.Seaweed products are fully absorbed due to their molecular structure being similar to body plasma. The best boost to dry skin besides Repêchage facials, are the ESSENTIAL Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Omegas. An intensive dose of Omega 3 and 6 taken once a day will support healthy skin and improve dryness within days! I have seen wonderful results with the most dry eczema sufferers and even those with psoriasis see an improvement. Skin omegas ensure that your skin cells can hold on to the water your are drinking. Hydrate from the inside out!

So, treat you skin with kindness…..Give it a boost, reassess your needs as your skin matures, and seek the advice of a professional. There are good facials…and there are GREAT facials.Choose wisely.Your skin does not have to be THAT dry!



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