Wands Ahoy!

Those of you who know me well, will either roll your eyes or clap your hands when I say I have a new wand! I’ve always wanted one….I’ve been keeping an eye open, and after a recent trip to Glastonbury I returned empty handed yet again. They all seem so manufactured and very very expensive. Why…why… oh why, would I want a wand? The power of crystals is a magnificent thing. The ability to channel and direct energies with the use of a wand is a beautiful, creative thing to do. I have pendulums, crystal grids, drums and singing bowls. My holistic avenues grow all the time. Some of you will know the more ‘woo woo’ side of me….others will just come for their wonderful facials and massage, but know that they get something a little bit special. Not the normal run of the mill beauty treatments. So, the more tools in my box so to speak, the more empowering the treatments can be. Being able to stand in my garden totally grounded with a wand, channeling energies through my body and out to the planet, or allowing the wand to direct healing energies into myself or my clients, was something I have always wanted to do, but have never found the ‘right’ wand.