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Dusty Corners

A truly stunning Sunday morning. Warmish with blue skies. Totally spring-like despite being mid January.

This was a day when I felt I could do whatever I fancied. I had the house to myself, which although is not unusual, today felt different. I wanted to make the most of my day and not let it be taken up with any paper work or mundane chores, despite the ironing pile reaching out to me across the room!

Starting with some lovely Yoga in the sunshine, I settled at the end of my practice to enjoy the rays of sun streaming through the French doors……

Then I saw it…. DUST!

Streaks of dust that I missed on the last dust round. Dust in those little places. The places you can easily miss. Behind the TV; in the corner of the fireplace; a small triangle under the coffee table.

There is was, glistening in the sun.

Dusty Corners

Corners that are missed.

As I whizzed round with my duster, I got to thinking…dusty corners of rooms, the corners you forget are like the dusty corners of your soul. The corners of grit and grim that you forget about. The corners that just build and build if you don’t clean them out.

The corners that only get noticed when the rays of the sun shine on them to make you take notice and do something about it.

Sometimes when I perform healing on clients they say it feels like a light is being shinned inside their body, as if it is seeking out areas of darkness. Like a torch. The areas of darkness are cleansed and transformed. Light flows through and healing is complete.

But the dust comes back. Dust always comes back.

There is always something else to dust, and if you have missed the corners in the first place

it just builds and builds.

We all have dust. We are human. Dust collects. It’s what you are going to do with the dust that matters…. let it collect so it chokes you? Or deal with it with a new duster?

People carry REGRETS…REJECTIONS….. RESENTMENT around with them their whole lives, building and building….. Seek these emotions out and deal with them. One of the biggest things to learn is FORGIVENESS.

My late grandmother on my father’s side once said ‘I can forgive, but I will be unable to forget’. She was referring to the affair my mother had with my now step father. This was 30 years ago. She could forgive…the memory stays with you. It’s part of your story. It makes you real. Offering forgiveness is a huge challenge for many, but it frees the soul and cleans those corners that are gathering dust.

These things need to be addressed at a deep level……. ask for help and clean the corners.

People gather dust in their souls like TV screens and coffee tables.

Dust gathers….. It’s what you do with it that counts.



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