Dusty Corners

A truly stunning Sunday morning. Warmish with blue skies. Totally spring-like despite being mid January.

This was a day when I felt I could do whatever I fancied. I had the house to myself, which although is not unusual, today felt different. I wanted to make the most of my day and not let it be taken up with any paper work or mundane chores, despite the ironing pile reaching out to me across the room!

Starting with some lovely Yoga in the sunshine, I settled at the end of my practice to enjoy the rays of sun streaming through the French doors……

Then I saw it…. DUST!

Streaks of dust that I missed on the last dust round. Dust in those little places. The places you can easily miss. Behind the TV; in the corner of the fireplace; a small triangle under the coffee table.

There is was, glistening in the sun.

Dusty Corners

Corners that are missed.

As I whizzed round with my duster, I got to thinking…dusty corner