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What IS going to happen?

Why is it so important?

Some of the Information for this Blog is taken from Diane Coopers website

You must have all heard by now….we are in 2012? What IS going on?

Is it the Olympics? The end of the World? A film? What IS IT??

2012 is the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth that there has ever been in the entire history of the planet.

2012 marks the end of a 26,000 year astrological period as recognized by the Mayans, Incas, Aztecs, Maoris and most of the ancient cultures. December 2012 is also the final end of the experiment of Atlantis. This took 10,000 years to set up, lasted for 240,000 years and is taking 10,000 years to tie up all the loose ends, so the 260,000 year experiment ends on 21.12.2012. We are starting a double transformational shift as the planet and all on her, including humans, rapidly move towards ascension.

You have probably noticed the unrest, the climate change,

So what will happen energetically in 2012? There are two cosmic moments. One was at 11.11 on 11th November 2011 and the second will be at 11.11 on 21st December 2012.

These are instants of total silence throughout the Universe when the portals from source open pouring in new divine energy – and unimaginable things can happen. Vast numbers of people will awaken psychically and spiritually. The twelve spiritual chakras of the planet will open and this will profoundly affect everyone. You can find these on Diana Coopers Website.

There is a full explanation of these including a map of their whereabouts in the book 2012 and Beyond, and The Olympic Games in London, the spiritual Earth Star Chakra of Earth will bring great light enabling this process to start. 33 cosmic portals are starting to open throughout the planet. Each of these brings in the 12 rays plus the Silver Ray of the Divine Feminine as well as the Christ Light. The opening of these portals will allow the wisdom of ancient cultures to return to our consciousness. In addition three planets are configured to interact at the this 2012 solstice.

Neptune, which represents higher spirituality.

Pluto representing transformation.

Uranus for change.

As the energies they represent work together, it will cause a massive impact on the consciousness of the planet. This offers a potential for a huge shift in consciousness. Of course, such high energies can equally be used for bad if used unwisely, which is why everyone is called on to heal their emotions and thoughts now and use this great opportunity to change the planet. Individually and collectively there has never been such an opportunity for spiritual growth. What can you do to bring about the changes for 2012?

You may have noticed many more people are taking courses in healing, receiving healing, taking up yoga……??? Many of you may not be concious as to the reason, you are just drawn to looking at ‘alternative’ therapies and treatments. More of us are looking at holidays with more of a focus on the ‘Retreat’ …. Peace, focus and detachment from urban pressures and the rat race.

We are all doing a little work is to bring your lives into peace and harmony. Our energies will then automatically lift the vibrations of everyone we come into contact with. It would be a shame to miss this beautiful new alignment, although I am sure it is not in everyone’s life plan to ‘get-it’…and it is not compulsory either! It would just help if more people could get in alignment with these new vibrations and changes.

Healing yourself…healing the deepest parts of your soul, Take time to look within.

Recognise that everyone is equal and treat them as such. Ditch the ego and look at things differently. Honour all the forms of life on the planet from rocks, insects and plants to animals and humans. Give no energy to fear, darkness and mass hysteria. Instead focus on the good, the wise and great, so that it expands. Remember the Law of attraction – give out love…receive love back.

Your thoughts create your purpose. Use Yoga to take focus. Try mediation. Visualise everyone throughout the world holding hands in peace. It may sound a little corny, but visualisation is very very powerful. If enough individuals do these things, the consciousness of all must inevitably rise. and our planet will be even more amazing than it is now!


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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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