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Interesting News today from IIAA – International Institute for Anti Ageing, who distribute Advanced Nutrition Programme and Jane Iredale.

Satsumas and clementines are traditionally eaten in abundance at Christmas time. Do you painstakingly strip off every trace of those little white fibre veins from your fruit? Or do simply peel and eat the lot?

Exciting nutritional benefits are to be found in the bits of fruits and veg that we often discard. Hesperidin is a bioflavonoid found in citrus fruits, most highly concentrated in the white pith. According to Patrick Holford, bioflavonoids like hesperidin, strengthen capillaries, stabilise vitamin C and have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Boost your intake with our Advanced Nutrition ProgrammeTM Skin Collagen Support supplement (100mg hesperidin per 2 capsules). And next time you peel your fruit, enjoy the white stuff too!

We must also remember that this is the time of year parties and general over work can lead to colds and general poor health…..

Taking extra vitamins isn’t just a ‘maybe’ it’s a ‘MUST’

Try the all in Party Pack

Vitamin C to ward off the colds and boost recovery from excess alcohol

Skin Vitality One an all round multi vitamin

Glutamine helps digestion when the system is overloaded with rich foods

Great value £56.95 for two months supply!

Stock up! the party season is upon us!



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