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We have held two events this year with Rebekka from IIAA launching The Visia system – a camera producing powerful imaging technology giving an accurate picture of deep down skin problems: Sun Damage*Thread Veins*Lines*Open Pores*Dehydration

Provided by IIAA – International Institute for Anti Ageing – this incredible piece of equipment enables us to prescribe the best nutrition and skin care using REPECHAGE and ADVANCED NUTRITION PROGRAMME, aimed at giving you a clearer more radiant and toned complexion.

I didn’t think these events would be as popular as the Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up ones… I was WRONG!

One of our clients came to the summer event, purchased and then returned last in November to ‘see’ the results… Well you can see below…. with three months of taking a selection of high quality Multi Vitamins, extra Vitamin C…. and powerful skin Omegas 3 and 6 we saw a significant reduction in lines and improvement in hydration.. See for yourselves!

You should be able to easily see the reduction in the depth of lines! Our client took the full programme that was prescribed and was so pleased with the results! So she should be…there was a lot of damage due to hot holidays and the dreaded smoking! ‘ANP’ is not a substitute for healthy eating…it is a supplement! Our food is often lacking in full nutrients due to processing, storage, and packaging and no matter how hard you try to rehydrate with products from the outside, we have to look at the inside too! For instance…. Your body will be better hydrated if you have sufficient Omegas to hold on to the water and protect your cells…Your body cannot make Omegas, and you would have to eat piles of Mackerel to make a difference! Within one week of taking the ‘Skin Omegas’ you will see and feel a difference! Improved hydration and reduced dryness! There are now no more ‘Events’ with the Visia Camera now until March 2012, but the full range is available to purchase in the salon throughout the year. Beauty really does come from within…and it can be found here!


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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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