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I am constantly being asked about Manifesting…..

There are many books you can read and many different ways to achieve your goals, whether they are material or esoteric.

Manifesting is a way to attract things and conditions into our lives involving a more direct use of the mind and psychic forces. The use of manifesting increases what is perceived as luck. In the real world there is no such thing as luck, as there are no such things a good or bad…but then that is another story!

When manifesting, people and resources become more available to help you achieve your goals. Ideas come more easily and there is usually a higher level of motivation to do what you need to do.

The basics for manifesting include having a clear idea of what you want to achieve, believing you will achieve it and adding strong positive emotional energy to the process. Once you have the idea, belief and emotion, combine them into an image and release the image with the expectation that on the higher dimension of creation, it is done. The better you can do this, the more successful you’ll be at manifesting. People who have done Reiki Two will learn one technique; others use a ‘Dream Board’. There are lots of books on the subject. One of the easiest to begin with is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. If you can get the DVD as well it makes the book an easier read!

Be very very specific with the item you are working on.

My True Story:

I had always ‘wanted a Jaguar XKR. The key word there ‘wanted’.

If you say as the car of yours dreams passes you on the motorway…’I’ve always wanted one of those’….The universe gives you that…The WANTING of it. You must be very specific!

So I wrote down ‘on my 40thbirthday I will have a Jaguar XKR. About a year before, took my husband under duress to a Jag dealer and test drove one so I could FEEL what it was like. I fell in love with the indicator sound…I kid you not! My lovely husband got on board with the process and we got a brochure and for Christmas he got me a jag key ring that I put on my Volvo keys…. every time I got in the Volvo I FELT it was the Jag…. In every part of me…. I could hear the indicator and smell the leather.

My 40th birthday came…. (4 years ago) and I got EXACTLY what I asked for… A jaguar XKR FOR THE DAY! My lovely Husband had organised a 24 hour test drive for me…

So, be careful what you wish for. You will always get it! However it taught us that we didn’t want a brand new one and we didn’t want a convertible like we borrowed. (I didn’t like people looking ‘in’ at me while I was in it!)

18 months later, after I had re worded my wish list, he came home from a trip away and stated that ‘the universe had spoken to him’… Now if you knew my husband he was the most unspiritual manifesting boy you could get. Military back ground and if you can’t see it, then it can’t be real attitude! As you can imagine this was a bit of a shock!

HE had found my DREAM car. Exact colour, age, model….

And here she is sitting on our drive!

You have to set the intention and release your attachment to it. Believe you already have it.

Of course it’s usually necessary to follow up the process with practical plans of action, but by using a manifesting technique, things usually happen more easily and quickly.

Now the more spiritual side….

Manifesting works and can help you achieve your goals. However, unless it is used with wisdom, it can lead to unwanted results. The ego doesn’t necessarily know what is best for you and by following its desires, it’s possible to manifest things that are not healthy for you to have. Following the ego’s desires can lead you away from your spiritual path and the use of manifesting by the ego will lead you away even faster.

At first everything may seem fine and the ego feels so good, but eventually, if it’s your ego you’re following, you’ll end up with more problems than before and less happy as well. If what you manifest causes problems and you use manifesting to counter those problems, the situation could grow into more difficulties than you can manage. And at the same time you would likely be creating karma for yourself that will keep coming back no matter how much you use manifesting to get it to go away. Manifesting can also be used in competitive ways that harm others and attract negative energies. And it’s possible to get people to do things for you they wouldn’t otherwise have done which they regret having done afterwards.

Manifesting without wisdom or manifesting from an unhealed place can create undesirable results that are often realized only after the fact.

One of the laws of the universe is that there is always a higher way. In terms of manifesting, the higher way is to allow divine wisdom to guide your manifesting process. To do this, it’s necessary to ask the ego to step aside. Only in this way can the divine power enter your life. Then you need a method to connect with the divine and allow it to guide and empower your life. When you do this, the divine mind will guide you to goals that are exactly right for you and that fulfil your true inner needs rather than causing you to chase after ego desires that are often shallow and bring short lived satisfaction.


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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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