What IS Reiki?

REI is the Japanese word meaning ‘universal’ and is also a reference to the higher dimension of light and the soul.

KI means ‘vital life force energy’ which interpenetrates and connects all.

Reiki is pronounced Ray -Key and can be ‘learnt’ by finding a Reiki Master who can attune you to the energy, but it is much more than just training, a manual, class or seminar. It is the connection with the ever flowing light energy of the universe.

It is also ‘received’ as a treatment in many salons and holistic therapy centres.

Reiki has become more widely used and understood in the West over the past 20 years although it was rediscovered in the East in the late 1800’s. It is a gentle way of moving energy through the body to enable self healing and the healing of others, pets and even vitalising food, plants and situations. The possibilities are endless and the more people that are attuned to this beautiful energy, the healthier and more calm we will all become, able to deal with out every day lives much more easily.

Ailments can be treated and emotional imbalances causing stress can be reduced. Detoxification is increased, so Reiki can help greatly with the removal of toxins from Chemotherapy and anaesthesia. Reiki is unconditionally healing for the body and mind and will flow to wherever is needed within the body. <