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Product of the Month From jane iredale


A ‘self-tan’ with a difference!

I normally steer clear of products like this…so it has to be GOOD! It has been so good that it has had to be the Product of the Month! Sun-kissed seductive colour in an easy, safe and moisturising formula with a refreshing citrus scent and no after smell! No streaks, no marks on towels, and builds a deep lasting tan that senses and enhances your skins most flattering shade! And in true Jane Iredale style, it is mineral, so doesn’t clog the skin Four key ingredients …..if you are interested in the technical stuff! Acetyl Tyrosine & Monks Pepper stimulates melanin synthesis, allowing the shade to mimic your natural tanned colour – No ‘Tango Effect’. Monks pepper leads to safe melanin formation, with or without sun exposure. Copper Gluconate is an enzymatic bio-activator, providing an additional source of tyrosine delivery to increase even more colour. DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) a bonded vegetable amino acid compound that offers advanced technology, by interacting with the skins proteins to activate a beautiful natural-appearing, intense colour change. When evenly spread the enzymes in the epidermis break down the amino acid which combines with the DHA for instant colour, compensating for any shade differences in skin areas. Apply for three consecutive days, then twice a week to maintain the colour! If I can do it, anyone can! £24.00 for 12 weeks use!


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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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