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We have been so busy with Christmas and the new Candle supplies that we forgot about doing a ‘Product of the Month’ ….The Repechage C-Serum is not allowed to ‘enter’ this contest as it is ALWAYS the best seller! The Winner this month is the Repechage Sea Spa Mineral Salts …..

They seem to have been purchased as gifts for men, as they are great for over tired muscles without smelling ‘floral’ … Packed with seven essential oils and pure detoxing seaweed one tablespoon is all that is needed.

A brilliant product to take on that ski trip, or to soak in after a busy day in the garden.

£24.50 for 500g

An added bonus would be to mix the salts with the bubble bath….. A modern bubble bath that smells divine while hydrating the skin and relaxing the mind…. followed this with the body oil with soy bean to ensure no stains on towels or linen or the ever popular Crème Actif with 30% pure seaweeds for perfect hydration. Body skin can get neglected at this time of year…it wont be long before the body will be exposed to daylight again! Start early. Give your skin the hydration it craves and soothe your muscles with the best product!


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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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