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The power of the mind is a magnificent thing!

I woke this morning wondering which platform at Taunton station I should be on to collect a friend on Saturday…. Remembering my college days when I was there twice a week…I began thinking of someone I travelled with many times…. someone I shared 30 minutes of time on a Sunday evening, talking about life the universe and everything well before I was trained in Holistic Therapies and Energy work. In fact, holistic therapies were almost unheard of, and as for ghost hunting, clairvoyance, and the ‘Law Of Attraction’ …well, it wasn’t something you chatted about to just anyone.

Way back in those days…lets see…1985…. even Aromatherapy was classed as ‘weird’ and an ‘Alternative Medicine’ Rather than one of the the ‘Complimentary Therapies’ you get today. Pondering on those days as I got up and on checking my phone while making tea I saw a friend request….. A friend request from Face Book…a friend request from her! I nearly dropped the phone! How ‘spooky’ is that? Well, not at all spooky if you understand and work with the power of the mind… The more you work with it, the more you open up and see everything around you, you can see and feel how to ‘lock in’ and connect. See how amazingly POWERFUL you are… Ask and It is Given…But be careful what you wish for…

Loving the synchronicity of this amazing universe!


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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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