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Transformational Treatments By a Guest Therapist Were you one of the lucky ones who managed to get an appointment with Ben Barnett last week when he held a clinic here? Many of you will remember Ben who, many years ago trained me and most of my staff in Hydrotherm Massage. Remember that wonderful massage on a warm water filled ‘pillow’….enabling the body to be totally supported? No need to lie on your front…no need to squash yourself into a face hole, no turning over so you can totally relax from the beginning of the treatment… remember that? The massage is given by the therapist working palms up from under the body while the water pillow ‘gives’ to allow the clients body weight to act as the pressure, and is on the treatment menu here at Wayside House.

Over the past few years Ben has developed the Hydrotherm Treatment even further with his own Transformational Therapy. It is a Three Dimensional treatment linking the areas of the body which give you pain and tension, to emotions that can be shifted and cleared by a guided visualisation and deep massage. Totally unique and very inspirational…. If you would like to see exactly how it works look at this lovely video just click here! A couple of clients were willing to give feedback after their treatments:

* The lady before me came out looking very chilled out and said Ben had given her a lot to think about, I was intrigued!! The massage was great, very relaxing I felt really floppy and flexible.

My words for how I would like to feel were ‘secure & happy’…

I felt like I was frowning during my session with the things he was saying, (how does this man know that is how I feel?) some of it may of been just common sense to my word of how I wanted to feel, but a awful lot of it was BANG ON.

I went home feeling very relaxed & calm and ready to embrace more, rather than take on thing that bothered me and to go with the flow more.

It was great thank you Ben….. Thank you Nicki. – Vanessa from Somerset

*Ben’s treatment is one of the best massages ever, particularly as he uses the Hydrotherm….but no only that, it is also a holistic experience. I was left feeling relaxed, though refreshed, centred but also inspired with plenty of food for thought. Ben’s treatment is a great visualisation as well as a superior massage. – Clair from Williton

The big question….will Ben return?

YES! we have to book him well ahead as he has regular clinics in Kent and Mayfair and Chelsea.

He will be here on the 17th and 18th September. There are 12 spaces over the two days so book early to be certain of a place.

Treatments are £90.00


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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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