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Therapists and Healers Need Treatments Too!

It has taken me over a week to ‘report’ on my experiences last weekend…. I have needed to gather my thoughts and let my body realign itself both physically and emotionally. I had been wanting to visit Hands On Clinic in Braunton for a while after the lovely Jane Alexander recommended Phil so highly, so when a weekend away at The Saunton Sands Hotel was offered to me by my golfing husband, I jumped at the chance to accompany him – as long as I got my ‘treatment’ and ‘Float’ in neighbouring Braunton. The massage I received was one of the most powerful ones I have ever had….. and by that I mean energetically powerful, providing a great ‘shift’ in energy flow within the body. My back was stretched and eased….my ‘therapists shoulders’ expertly manipulated releasing all physical tension. Phil is a Reiki Master too, so was able to incorporate energy work within the treatment, just as I do when clients come to me.

The treatment was completed by a ‘Float’….and this was a completely new experience for me! I was assured that it was a perfect end to any massage, allowing the body to realign itself, and my neck and shoulders certainly needed the full works! The Floatation room was much larger than I had anticipated, with a very high ceiling so no chance of any feelings of claustrophobia. The high concentration of salts totally supports your body and there is no risk of dehydration to the skin – no ‘prune-like’ toes! The water is only 10″ deep and kept at 35 degrees… I could choose different lighting effects including totally dark and quiet – Jane’s favourite! Boredom was a concern, but was surprised to find that the time went quite quickly although I did feel a bit fidgety half way through……so I think I second float is in order to experience the full benefit! Phil explained that many people book a set of three and have them at regular intervals…and each float is different…. depending what your body and mind needs…. Like massage and Reiki. Each Treatment is unique to the individual and no two experiences are the same! Floatations can help relieve stress, insomnia,and anxiety. Detoxification of the body is aided, and you leave with a sense of clarity and focus. For those of you used to meditation or yoga, finding your self awareness and breath while in the Float Room is easy. For those who find relaxing and ‘switching off’ difficult, it may take a second attempt to really get where you need to be. The next time a round of golf is planned at Saunton Sands, I will be going along too. Not to caddy for my husband but to have a treatment and a float in Braunton.


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