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Water Water!!!

As a therapist I am always saying ‘….and remember to drink plenty of water’ . It becomes almost a little mantra. Drink more…. How much is ‘more’ though? Why should you drink it?

Well, there is much science involved in this answer. Information about ionic exchange within your cells and the ‘dehydration response.’ In basic terms – we are made up of around 60% water and we need to hydrate throughout the day. If you actually feel thirsty you are already dehydrated deep within your body. Your liver is crying out for some water. The body has a superbly balanced system for excreting rubbish and being able to ‘tick over’ naturally, but we need to fuel it, and hydrate it. Cells need moisture to enable the body to maintain its pH balance. As the day moves into night the cells become more acidic, making you more tired. During the night the more ‘toxic’ ions within the cells should naturally migrate out leaving you refreshed and ready for your day ahead, but if you are dehydrated you will wake feeling sluggish and not wanting to leap out of bed with great gusto! You are feeling sluggish because you are actually holding on to ions that need to move out of your cells, but can’t due to lack of fluids. Sodium and calcium are normally found outside the cell in the ‘extracellular fluid’. When we are active during the day these ions move across the cell membrane and swap places with potassium and magnesium. During the resting night time the moon naturally has an affinity with sodium and ‘draws’ it together with the calcium out of the cell membrane…and potassium and magnesium move back in. A perfect dance of electrolytes. That is, a perfect dance as long as you are hydrated. If not, your cells produce a security band of cholesterol round themselves, protecting themselves from moisture loss. The body always works to protect us, and that it what it does. It protects the cell by reducing the permeability and therefore hindering the movement of electrolytes. That is quite a basic explanation…. The solution? Drink more water. Now, how much is ‘more’? This depends on the temperature of the day, how much exercise you are doing, what altitude you are… The general rule is two litres a day for women and three for men. That is NOT a litre of tea or coffee as these will cause more urination due to caffeine and therefore cause more dehydration. Take your water at room temperature so it doesn’t shock your digestive system. Water in the form of herbal teas is acceptable and more agreeable during winter time when we trend to reach for those hot chocolates! Try herbal teas rather than fruit teas which can be quite acidic.

Try to drink most of your fluids by 6pm as they say that is when the cellular exchange has already begun. One of the best starts to the day is the good old staple of hot water and lemon. A warming cleanse to the system, alkalising and hydrating. I like to add some ginger to kick start the digestive system. You can ‘over drink’, but this is not something you should be greatly concerned about….to over-drink and cause a serious inbalance in your kidneys would mean drinking so much that the electrolyte balance is seriously diluted. If you stick to your two litres a day, drink throughout the day and not all in one go, you will be fine!

When we look at the need for water in more detail, we realise that the ‘energy’ within the cells of the body can move more easily when you are hydrated. The more hydrated you are the more your body hold light. Light is energy. Energy is light. This is why, when you have received a healing therapy, massage or suchlike, you will feel the need to urinate more due to the stimulation of the lymphathic system. This can lead to dehydration and subsequent headaches. Clients that say ‘That massage gave me a headache!’ are probably correct, but they wouldn’t have got one if they had hydrated. Healing requires hydration. The fastest way to address a sluggish body is to check the amount of water being drunk. Very often those clients who are always tired, have headaches and never feel bright eyed and bushy tailed are just plain dehydrated…. and when asked ‘How much water do you drink?’ they often answer…. ‘Errrrr not enough!’

If you would like some interesting information on how water can hold light have a look at Dr Emoto – Hidden Messages in Water A very interesting read!



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