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Water Water Everywhere

I keep talking about it. Do we really drink enough throughout our busy days? Hydration is so important.

I find that I am more hydrated on the days I work with clients. I pour a glass for them, and pour one for myself. As an energy worker, I must stay hydrated in order to hold light/energy/vibration. And so should you. On my days off, I don’t drink as much, and the following day, I have more joint pain, my digestion is compromised and I realise what is wrong, but by then it’s too late. Getting in to a routine is so important.

It’s important to hydrate after a treatment.

I try to start clients on the road to better hydration by firstly encouraging them to drink water after a treatment, whether it is a deep healing, a massage or a facial. You may have read my post a couple of years ago about how to get the most from your massage?  (If not, click here!) At the time of writing, I didn’t go into details about what to do afterwards.

Massage encourages your body to detox. There are different schools of thought as to exactly what the word detox means. For me, anything that increases circulation whether it being exercise, massage or gentle yoga, requires water to help the body eliminate toxins. Hydrate before, and after. This will help the cleansing process within your body. Anything that improves the circulation will stimulate the body to work more efficiently, and it can’t do that without water.

You can check your own hydration levels.

Know the pee colour test! If you could read text through the colour of your pee, then you’re ok! If not, have a drink! Drink little and often. Not huge glasses all in one go. This will only make you feel bloated and needing to pee more. There is a general rule that we should drink two litres a day, but this really depends of the activity we are doing and how heavy we are! Generally, if you are thirsty, drink. If you are exercising, drink more.

We are made up of over 70% water

Drinking plenty of water on a daily basis is vital to our health. Carrying nutrients to cells, helping with digestion, and aiding elimination of toxins, water is so often taken for granted. It helps with fatigue, headaches and can even aid in weight loss due to helping better digestion. The connective tissues around your joints stay hydrated, then aches and pains will be reduced. Staying well-hydrated is critical to our optimum health and survival. Most digestive issues such as IBS, and constipation, can be helped by correcting the hydration levels in the body.

Decant your filtered water into a BPA free bottle. It’s worth the small investment.

Drink little and often, not whole pints in one go.

Give your body a chance to process the water. If you drink too fast, your body will just want to pee. If your pee is light and you are hydrated, your body will get used to processing, hydrating and getting moisture into the cells. It’s a fallacy that if you drink more water, that it ‘goes straight through you’. It may feel like that when you first start hydrating, but when you get used to your new routine – little and often – the need to pee becomes much less.

Bottled water is acidic.

Like many other people I have often purchased bottle water while out and about, until I discovered the dangers of plastic bottles, and the issues with recycling and landfill. The transportation of so called spring/volcanic/natural water actually means we are wasting our money. The water in these bottles may be clean, but there could be BPA leaching in to it, and in a pH test, most of these mineral waters are actually acidic. As you know, I am a huge fan of alkalinity in the diet, so why would I want to drink something acidic?

I have though, recently learnt that some bottles such as Evian, are actually BPA free, but still not designed to be filled, and refilled with water. Get a proper travel bottle. It’s also a great way to measure how much you are drinking.

New addition!

I have recently purchased a machine by a company called Enagic, that produces Kangen Water. I can produce a water of pH 8.5 – 9.5 for you all to drink. It’s filtered, packed with antioxidants from the molecular hydrogen, and has the power to hydrate really quickly. It’s real water! This is not a water filter. It’s something much more than that.

Two glasses of Kangen water holds about same amount of antioxidants as about 5lbs of blueberries. For me, buying one was a no-brainer. That isn’t an exact quantifiable statement, it’s ‘rough’. Just before anyone wants to contest it! It depends on the size of your glass and the plumpness and freshness of your berries!

It did take me six months to decide. It is what you would call, ‘a bit of an investment’.

When you next visit for a treatment, you will be drinking Kangen Water – meaning ‘Return to Source’. If you bring me an empty  bottle, I will fill it for you, so you can enjoy some super hydration and powerful antioxidants, throughout the day following your treatment. Click HERE for my new full website with lots of information for you.

If you are interested in getting a machine for yourself – just ask me how to do it. They aren’t available on the High Street!

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