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We all need balance.

We live in a physical world, in our human bodies, and we need to have balance. We are always hearing about how we are spiritual beings having a human experience. In order to have this experience and enjoy it to the full, we need to look after both sides. The physical and the emotional.

We need balance.

We are human.

Look after your physical self.

In order for you to explore the world we live in, you must look after the body you walk in.

Eat well and nourish yourself with food that feeds your whole body. You only have one body, don’t wait until it’s too late to realise that you need to take care of it. Sometimes it takes a life changing event to make someone sit up and take notice of their health. Hopefully most people aren’t waiting until this happens.

We are living in the most perfect time, where we have access to amazing foods, brilliant chefs and a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and health. You don’t have to become vegetarian, or live on juice, but we all know about ‘healthy food choices’. Reduce processed foods, increase fibre, get a juicer, include some nuts and seeds in your diet, kick out the fizzy soda drinks, and hydrate correctly.

Move your body!

Move! So many of us have a sedentary job – mine can be the same if I have facial clients all day, and I find my hips are sore in the evening. I need to make sure that if I have been seated for a while, that I get up and have a wiggle, and make sure that I walk the dog that evening. We all need to move!

So many issues.

The most common ailments people complain about when they see me are:

  1. Congested skin

Kangen water creates balance
  1. Poor sleep

  2. Tiredness

  3. Aches and pains

  4. Digestive issues such as IBS

They are often tired due to simple dehydration. We can’t function on a cellular level unless we are hydrated. Food can’t be digested if our bowel is lacking in moisture. We can’t eliminate waste correctly, and skin will begin to expel toxins instead – it’s the largest organ of our body! If the body stays in an acidic state, sleep patterns will be disrupted. Water helps alkalise the body. Water holds light. Light is energy. If we are dehydrated we aren’t doing ourselves any favours. It’s the cheapest way to see a difference in general health. Drink little and often – not a whole pint in one go! Increase your water consumption, and many ailments can be eliminated.

Something new for you to try.

I have recently taken delivery of an amazing piece of equipment that produces ionised alkaline water, with great antioxidant properties.  No feeling bloated when you drink, and the high pH encourages the body to eliminate toxins. Clients can now enjoy this water before and after treatments. Super hydration and lots of antioxidants for every client.

Connect with your inner self.

The self that gives you goosebumps when you hear a piece of music, and the inner part of you that actually feels connected when you are on your yoga mat. Take time to practice mindfulness and meditation. It’s no longer classed a new age naval gazing!

If you want to evolve and move forward, you have to ditch the rubbish you are carrying around with you. There is a great lady I found on Face Book – Kate Spencer – She talks about ‘getting on the healing bus and sorting your shizzle out!’

Seek help. If there is something that is holding you back, look for someone to help you connect with that inner self by allowing you to move on. To move on in your life and enjoy it!

You can’t have one without the other. Look after the physical, heal the emotional and connect with your inner self.

Rest. Take time out to be in balance.

Have a day off and notice the world around you, the seasons changing and the sounds of nature. Be peaceful. Switch off your phone and take off your shoes. Feel the earth beneath your feet and connect. Nurture your body with good food and water, and become present.

You can’t have one without the other if you want to move forward………

Take your shoes off…..connect with the earth.



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