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What am I doing ?

Yesterday I had the feeling of overwhelming stress. Or was that just adrenalin that I have missed out on over the past few years? No, it was an all consuming panic…. An sudden rush of ‘Oh my good god what am I doing?’ type of feeling….

A feeling that I remembered from when I had my two salons. A feeling that makes your head whoosh and your pulse quicken.

I was looking at a training manual for a new and quite amazing product that I am trying and intend passing the information on to my clients.  I’ve always been very reluctant to get on the network marketing bandwagon, or ‘Multi Level Marketing’ as it is now called. There have been a few companies in the past that I have looked in to, and some that have tracked me down as a potential link in their network chain. Some were beauty skin care brands that I tried, and was swayed momentarily by the ‘no need to stock anything’ concept, but then was brought right back to the essence of what I actually DO. This wasn’t the way I wanted to work, and the fact and the ranges weren’t a patch on Repechage, the seaweed range I have been stocking and using for nearly 30 years, made it even more of a ridiculous idea.Why on earth would I want to promote anything else?


Two years ago I was approached by the most inspiring lady, who produced a ‘Juice Plus’ folder after she had visited me for a treatment. She was hugely into this business model and had massive plans for her future life and income. The Juice Plus concept is actually a fairly good one for those people who don’t want to juice their own drinks. It is however, in my view, often a quick, but unsustainable  fix so I do prefer the fresh juicing option. She is 100% in to the brand and is a picture of health. However, this went against all the blogging and writing I had been doing about pure juicing, and the concept again didn’t appeal to me, although I have found a couple of clients who do take this product because it works for them. Personally I’ll take a few moments in my morning and make my own! 

Last week I was completely blown away by the results and testimonials of a new product, and the enthusiasm of the friend telling me about it, that I didn’t even notice the business model until I looked in to it in more detail. I was more interested in the concept of the product, where I comes from and the results it gives. Sometimes things come along again and again until one day you sit up and take notice, but ultimately it has to be the right thing for you. The product has to work, and now I am seeing this business model more and more often I have begun to realise that this is quite a valid way of running a business in this day and age with social media and the power of the internet. Even the manuals are PDF format! 

I was convinced into reading further and I ordered my own supply. Being a business person, I signed up to be a distributor straight away. It was only later when I began to look through in detail that I saw the American feel of the marketing structure. And that’s where I fell into a flat spin!

Nooooooooo! It’s network selling! What am I doing? To be honest that ‘word’ is frowned upon in these business circles. It’s now MLM – Multi level Marketing.

Firstly, I took a breath. A very very long one and a few more besides. In fact, I had to switch off and go out for the morning, so I could clear my head of spirally thoughts. So what really is the problem with that concept. Really? My original gut instinct of the product and it’s results were what sold it to me. Not the business model. However, the business model must work, or it wouldn’t be so successful would it? 

This is something I want to offer to my clients….. Like suggesting they juice, and eat clean with more water and less stress. As I spend a great deal of time explaining about the quality of food and the need for nourishing your body and soul rather than just filling your face with food, this seemed so right.

I’m not interested in the American influenced networking meetings and ways to work up the ladder…. I will do what I do. I will explain, offer and wait for the results in clients health. Anyone who wishes to purchase does so on line and doesn’t need to be part of the structure. Just on line customers. 

So what is it?

It’s minerals. Pure minerals. The minerals that even as juicers we don’t get enough of as the soil is so depleted in nutrients. For those of you who use Repechage, think how often I state that the C-Serum contains ALL the vitamins minerals and trace elements needed to rebalance, hydrate , nourish and maintain healthy skin. What if you drank these minerals? Indeed…what if…???? Obviously, you can’t drink C-Serum, that would be very costly, but you need plant minerals, not metallic ones. Plant minerals are more easily and rapidly absorbed. I have been introduced to Simply Naturals. The history is quite amazing.

natural minerals

Here is a video to watch  if you are interested. It’s easier to listen to that than for me to write about it here, and it is slightly on the American-side. It’s quite long, so you can do something else while listening to it.   The most amazing part is about 25 minutes in, so stick with it. 

The testimonials are incredible; from improvement seen in type 2 diabetes, CFS, aches and pains, osteoarthritis, psoriasis, digestive issues, insomnia, and much more. I’m going to trial it to see if I see any improvement in my health. I haven’t got any specific ‘issues’ except the continual back aches I’m convinced are part of the menopause, so I will report! It is recommended they are taken for three months to allow the body time to adjust on all levels. If you are interested let me know. This post was really meant to share my overwhelming experience of panic,and after this had passed, I realised that I am offering something that works with my business. Something that works for me and for you. Watch this space… there will be more to follow. If you are already wanting to purchase, please use this link and click HERE. This ensures you are allocated a reference point – i.e me! I am notified when people purchase and I can update your records accordingly, or if you are not already a client I can make contact and look after you!

I was so shocked and interested in the way my body reacted when I was reading the information of  model, and I used my mindfulness techniques to re-focus! It just shows that even if I practice what I preach on a daily basis, sometimes things pop up to challenge you!


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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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