Where do I go? Am I lost?


When I first moved here to the countryside after selling my two salons, I knew exactly which direction I was taking. I wanted to be able to treat clients on a one-to-one basis in an environment that enabled total peace and relaxation. I left behind the bustling high street salon environment and wanted to be in a space where I could teach Reiki without having to take students on a Sunday when the salons were closed. That was nine years ago, and things have changed so much in that time.

Twitter is my friend!

For one thing, encouraged by Louisa Miles, I embraced Social Media. Twitter became a huge business tool for me, and has enabled me to ‘meet’ people who live all over the world. It’s just like recommending a service or product to someone at a dinner party, but with twitter the audience reaches far beyond the supper table.

There is so much help out there for all sorts of things. I love it. I have also discovered how to use FaceBook to it’s full advantage, and balance posts between my own life, my business, and sharing other peoples interesting posts. With the recent introduction of Instagram, everything links in really nicely. I find it enjoyable as well as being a much better way of getting yourself known than a few years ago when we only had newspaper adverts and Yellow Pages.

I’ve met some great healers, nutritional experts and therapists, as well as people who are wanting to expand their knowledge and experience with vibrational work beginning to ‘wake up’ and realise what life is all about. With the advent of Social Media, it’s so easy to share inspirational pictures, quotes and teachings. Helping people is ultimately what I do, and now I have a new medium in which to do it with Blogs, newsletters, and even my book!

But where do I go now?

I’m very happy doing what I do, but I’m reaching that funny time of life. You know the one, a big birthday!  If we didn’t have birthdays, or we had amnesia and couldn’t remember how old we were, what would happen then? We would just potter along, doing things. Living. I’m don’t have amnesia and am faced with a birthday next year that brings me to