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White Flag

I was walking through the field in the fog the other day, watching puppy Jack's tail wagging about in the distance like a white flag. It got me thinking about the things you would die on a hill for, and those that where you would wave the flag.

Have you ever had a 'I surrender' moment, where you just pack up your plans and walk away from something when the going got so tough you couldn't do it any longer? Or have you spent your life ploughing on through, standing up for your beliefs knowing deep down that this is what you were born to do?

Thats where I am.

I'm on that hill. Some are saying, 'but you never used to be like this', and others wanting to know more. That's because people evolve. We aren't the same person today that we were yesterday. Emotionally, cellularly and spiritually. We change. For some it's subtle, while with others there's a pivotal moment and BAM, things shift.

That happened to me during early menopause when I moved into Energy Art.

When that happens, and the people around you also change (but sometimes in a different direction), it makes us realise how special our lives in human form really are. It's magic!

But many people don't see it.

When something comes along that just doesn't feel right, why dismiss it? Why not look into things a bit more and see different facets to the story that plays out in front of us? Drop down a few rabbit holes and see what you can find. Or not. Maybe there are people don't feel there is anything wrong at all, and they have no idea what I'm talking about.

Maybe you are someone who has finally reached a point where you see know the mainstream news is manipulating the way we think. Maybe you trust it because you always have. Whatever way you think, is perfect for you at this time. Maybe things will change, and so will you.

I don't need to be proved right.

Personally, I feel deep down in my soul that I'm on this planet right here and now, in order to watch a story unfold. Something that has been rumbling under for years but no one saw what was happening.

I certainly didn't see until a couple of years ago, and now I feel so well informed and centred. I have made my choice and I am now literally ready for that hill. I will no doubt be there with many more. The thought of surrender has never entered my mind, because deep down in my soul, I know I'm here for a reason. No white flag required.

My work over thirty years as a holistic therapist, has brought me to this point where so many people are looking for deep healing and rebalance. They want massage and Reiki, they are starting to look into energy work, yoga, and meditation.

I'm now getting calls from people I haven't seen in years. Maybe my diversion into the art can run happily along side the massage, and LaStone, while the world shifts and changes at an increasingly fast rate. For those who dive into the more 'woowoo' side of things, you will know that we are in the Age Of Aquarius, moving into a different vibrational field.

What if it's all just as it is?

What if all this 'stuff' that's going on - that some may be noticing, while others don't - is just here to show us where we need to be? Some of us are here to shine a light, that may align with another person, while others may move away and find another tribe. And that's ok. The world has been, and still is, very divisive. When we realise that we have been manipulated, the light bulb will switch on, and we can become our true selves.

I'll leave that there. This was a little interim post that I started a couple of weeks ago, and since then some things in the world have changed significantly. We are going with the flow and standing in our truth.

Today is Imbolc - a pagan celebration of the coming spring where people engage energetically with the cycle of the year - so it seems right to press the publish button today!

I bought some tulips, and the sun shone!


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