Why do I use Repechage and Tazeka?

Why do I use these products?  There are stories behind both of these unique ranges, with Repechage having been part of my professional life for nearly 30 years. When I started my first salon back in 1987 the beauty industry was small, and so were the ranges on the market. Other than Clarins and Quinot, there wasn’t really anything for the professional salon to choose from. The bigger story of how I found Repechage and the power of seaweed can be found here on an earlier blog.


As far as aromatherapy was concerned in those early days, well, it was known as an alternative medicine and there certainly weren’t oils available for home use. Over time this powerful way of treating the body and mind has become widely accepted and high street names such as Neals Yard made it so much more accessible to the public. Salons can now stock ready blended oils in the form of bubble baths and body oils from a variety of brands such as Aromatherapy Associates and Tisserand.

Aromatherapy is thousands of years old. I have recently started to almost go back to basics and explore my original roots with this vast subject, after discovering a new company called Tazeka. The most amazing ready blended roll on oils – for ALL emotional states and requirements. No ‘nasties’, not tested on animals, and eco certified. Perfectly blended in a jojoba roll on small enough for you to pop in your bag, or keep on your office desk to use as and when you need it.

You will find your perfect home care blend having had a consultation with me, or looking through the Tazekas website where you can ‘shop by solution’. This is an American based company and I’m proud to have been the first stockist in the UK where you can actually receive a treatment with these powerful oils. They are also perfect as an addition to any facial while you enjoy the massage and mask.