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Why have I never tried overnight oats?

So much to learn, so much to discover. Why on earth had I never tried over night oats? (Also known as Bircher). My life has changed! No more crunching through granola, although I do still have it occasionally.

I discovered this brilliant super filling breakfast while away in Austria. I wasn’t sure what it was, but everyone was taking a spoon or two from the breakfast buffet, so I thought I’d see what the fuss was about.

Mindful Eating.

When I eat food, I like to imagine what it’s actually doing inside me. I like to know that it is nourishing, filling and hydrating. It’s not just a process of stuffing food in my mouth because I am hungry. I digest my food. I like to give my body a chance to get all the nutrients from the food I’m eating, and I like to know my colon is having the best possible chance, by eating fibre that doesn’t irritate and keeps me regular! Being away on holiday is always problem for my digestion – I blame it on the pressurised aircraft!

So I’ve made my own every day!

When I got home, I started to make my own in a jam jar. Experimenting with ingredients and quickly finding my favourites.

For me, I add three tablespoons of organic oats  to a teaspoon of chia seeds. I love these seeds, but they are best eaten after they have been swollen with a liquid. They can also irritate the bowel if you eat too many, so just a teaspoon a day is perfect. About 12-15g is all you need. I also add three or four crumbled walnuts, half a finely chopped apple and some organic almond milk, although traditionally, it was made with fruit juice.

I have added blueberries to the mix, but I prefer to add them to the top with some chopped banana. I have also tried adding mashed banana to the nighttime shake, but it is a bit too sweet for me – MrH likes it! If you find yourself needing extra sweetness, go for a small dot of raw honey.

If it’s a little thick when I spoon it out, I add some organic yoghurt. My favourite at the moment is the coconut and blackcurrant from Brown Cow Organics.  The best thing to do, is experiment. You can’t really go wrong!

I have a few clients who make this and take it to work, or eat it on the train. Superb if you have to leave the house early and don’t fancy breakfast. Take it with you!

So, thank you Austria! Not only have you given me the inspiration to make Kombucha (in the next blog!) and kept me happy with my sauerkraut fix, you have introduced me to a new breakfast. Filling, nourishing, and easier to eat than muesli or granola.


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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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