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Why ‘Raw’ Chocolate

The ‘potency’ is due to the purity of the bean. The ‘rawness’ of it. A very informative Blog post from Amy Chessman explains more about the super food that is the great Cacao Bean – just click this Link. Best not eaten within and hour of going to bed….and best restrict intake! I usually have one a night. Although an extra one during the day is sometimes required! Clients are always asking how to make it – so here is a step by step guide.

You will need all your equipment and ingredients ready and weighed before you start. The area must be free from water. All utensils washed and dried thoroughly or the chocolate will split.

The way that the Cacao Powder and Butter have been originally split form the Cocoa Bean to be called RAW is under as cool temperatures as possible. So, reforming it should be the same. If you heat it, you will lose all the antioxidants. This is a basic recipe. You can play with the quantities. You can add all sorts of extras like bee pollen and flax seeds…but not too many in each batch or it will turn out grainy. You can add lemon zest, essential oils ( food grade only!) I often add a dried cherry. Not Glace.. or the sugar will ooze out. You can also soak dried fruits in Green Tea…but dry them off well before popping into the mold. There are many recipes. Play around. Have fun.

Beetroot Powder is a wonderful antioxidant addition too…. and makes the chocolate a rich purple colour. I often add a dried morello cherry to each chocolate for a ‘surprise’ when you bite into it. Also makes the chocolates a little more special if you are giving them as gifts. I have bought my ingredients from a few places but find the service I get from Elements For Life is superb. I do tend to buy in bulk!

If you are always stocked with ingredients, you will never run out of chocolate. Elements for Life do a great starter kit….and a new local stockist of their ingredients is The langport Stores, if you don’t want to purchase on line. If you find that the making of it is not your ‘thing’…. you can always purchase ready made Raw Chocolate from most health stores and good delis….. There is always a little tin of Raw Chocolates in my fridge. For medicinal purposes of course!


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