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Why Use Repêchage Seaweed?

I’m rarely asked why I have chosen this product line any more. Clients come to me on trust and many have been with me for quite a few years. Yesterday a potential new client didn’t book as she was surprised at my prices. She didn’t complain, she said she would save up! This made me think that I sometimes forget that my clients, especially new ones don’t know why I chose to stock Repêchage. I didn’t need to justify myself to this new lady, I gave her the information and she made a choice to save her pennies and book later in the year. 

I’ve been using it for years! 

I originally came across this amazing line over 30 years ago at a trade show in London. This was before Spa lines were even thought of. In fact, the most luxurious body treatment in those days was a body scrub and full massage – if you were lucky! Spray tans and gel nails were a thing if the future!  Repêchage caught my eye!

They had an all over ‘Seaweed Body Mask’ and I was intrigued. There was nothing like it on the market.- Pure 100% seaweed from Brittany that had been cryo-crushed to minus 50 degrees to ensure all vitamins and minerals were contained in the product. I was looking for something different, that would set my salon apart from the rest. This certainly hit the spot! It was green, really smelled of the sea, and gave an amazing detox with deep relaxation. I added this to my treatment menu and soon took on the whole range.

No one extracts the nutrients from seaweed in this way.

Repêchage have patented their method of the seaweed extraction, which ensures they are the only company offering seaweed based products with this quality of ingredient. I was hooked, and have been using it ever since. If there was something better out there, I’d have taken it years ago. In my view there isn’t, so I’ve grown with the range and my clients are very happy.

The Four Layer Facial is the flag ship treatment.

This made Repêchage famous all those years ago and is still my most popular treatment. Using pure liquid seaweed, spun from the cryo-crushed Laminaria Digitata, this facial delivers all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed to rebalance, hydrate, moisturise and regenerate the skin. No oiliness, just intense hydration with a product that is so similar in molecular structure to your body plasma that the skin literally drinks it up! There is nothing else quite like it, and bottles of the ‘Amber Liquid’ as one of my clients  calls it are my top sellers! The range has expanded over the years and has a superb body line as well as an exclusive range of products to brighten pigmented skin as well as one of my favourites – the VC5 facial for lifting and firming. The motto ‘experiencing is believing’ is still as powerful today as it was 30 years ago. Beauty from the Sea is the perfect skin care. Why look for anything else? 

mask removal

Allow 90 minutes, with a little longer if you are a new client for a full consultation. Hand and scalp massage is always included, as is a brow shape if necessary. Reiki is the ‘added bonus’ and flows through during all my treatments if required to ensure balance on the emotional level as well as physical. See website for treatment menu


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