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Yes, you do need gloves.

Today, being the last Sunday before Christmas, I expected great crowds in Taunton town. It was practically deserted. Not a bad thing as my brother doesn’t do crowds and finds queuing frustrating. We met for our now regular monthly Sunday breakfast at The Cosy Club, and then to do a little food shopping.

‘It’s freezing.’ He said, with his glove-less hands in his pockets. It was just above freezing, and had been foggy so felt really cold.

Where is your scarf?’

‘I forgot it.’

‘Perhaps you need some gloves now it’s really cold?’ I remembered back to when I managed to get him a hat despite him only wanting a scarf. He had asked for a scarf, but had never worn a hat before, so that took a little persuading. In fact it took MrH saying that he wouldn’t go out in the cold without a hat, for Adam to think it was ok to wear his. Now he hardly takes it off.

I couldn’t get him to agree to gloves though. When I asked what he did when his hands get cold, he said he puts them in his pockets! Well, that told me. So patience was needed and I deceided to wait until the time was right. That time was today.

‘Yes, it’s really cold.’ He said.

Excellent! He realises it’s cold, so lets get gloves.

Timing is everything.

By the time we had eaten, he was no longer cold, so the window of opportunity had almost disappeared. I had to move fast! he wasn’t in the mood at all so we had to go to the nearest shop. They sold lots of very thick outward bound type gloves. They weren’t any good at all, as he wouldn’t be able to move his fingers.

We trotted down to Debenhams with him starting to grumble a little.

‘Trust me, we won’t be long, lets have a look.’

I don’t need gloves.’

‘Yes you do.’

Fascinated by gadgets

‘Ohhhh toys. Let’s look at toys.’ He said as we passed the Christmas gift section. Excellent, I thought. Diversion tactics while I find gloves. Good plan!

‘Try these on.’

‘They will think I’ve nicked them.’

‘No they won’t, you’ll put one on.’

This was followed by a very grumpy face and furrowed brow. Then a ‘Mmmmmmmmmmm’. That’s a good sign. So I zoomed off to the checkout and, not wanting to miss my moment, I asked the assistant to take off the tag and cardboard so he could wear them. He was worried that he didn’t have the receipt in case we were stopped at the door for stealing them, so after reassuring him that it was ok, we were on our way!

Walking through the park, he was examining the gloves.

‘They feel funny.’

‘Yes, they will for a while, but are they warm?’ Deep thought follows then he starts giggling.

‘I’ve got gloves!’ 

'I've got gloves!'

Job Done!

He proudly put them away at the back of the wardrobe when we got back to his flat. Not a great idea. He wouldn’t put them on the coat peg as the pegs were full. I took his hat, popped the gloves inside and popped the hat back on its’ peg.

Wide eyed brother… ‘That’s clever!’

Its just the small things we all take for granted.

Now I hope he remembers to wear them, and doesn’t lose them, but hey ho, if he does, we will deal with that when it happens. He has gloves, and this is a breakthrough.


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