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Artist Statement

Energy is the fundamental essence of my all work. All of life and the universe itself consists of powerful energies which surround and nourish us, constantly vibrating at different frequencies affecting our thoughts, emotions, and wellbeing. By bridging my awareness and creativity to these wonderful energies ever present to us all, I draw them into a capsulated moment in time, space, and form. Namely a painting created with the intention, of sharing very specific energies that I'm called to work with. Sharing the way in which I experience the vibrations and frequencies of the world around us........

It's all about the rhythm of nature......

My work is heavily inspired by nature; its colours, scents, sounds, rhythms, and seasons as I am naturally attuned to the landscape around me from its flora to fauna. I feel a deep ancient energy within Mother Nature, that is constantly offering reconnection, and healing to us all.

We are subconsciously drawn to different colours, shapes, and form, and are naturally being called to the vibration, the frequency of that colour for healing and balance.


The energy of materials I use, are also an important integral part of my creative process, from the natural handmade papers from a paper mill on Exmoor, the 23k gold leaf, to the sacred palosanto I burn to honour the beginning of a new painting. Everything must feel balanced in my hands whilst I am working, because I know everything will be felt by the person who will view the completed piece of work.


There is a deep interconnection for me, between the moment I feel called to create a painting, or to capture a Sprite from the land. I respond to the energy around me, knowing the piece is being created specifically to share with the person who will discover this painting in the future. One of my greatest joys is having the privilege of witnessing someone stand in front of a painting I was called to create, and them discovering that this is their painting! It was created for them without them consciously knowing at the time of conception. That spontaneous reaction is the same deep response I feel when I am called to create. It is in those moments I know the energy has come to the person it was called to be with, and the creative process has come full circle.


I can be in the frequency of the energy with the painting and the person it was created for, through the most incredible story of synchronicity, and there is a moment of deeper meaning and context of why I truly create my energetically empowered art. The energy, the artist, and the viewer are now connected at the same time, through the painting, and through the energy that called us to meet.

IMG_0225 3.JPG

This is the true essence of my work. The energy we all share even if we aren’t fully aware of it every day, is interwoven throughout all our lives, and all of nature. Sharing in this incredible awareness of the vibrations of colour, really brings me joy, and inspires me to continue to create paintings that encapsulate the beauty of the natural vibrant world of energy that we all share.


Through my energy art I offer a glimpse into the alive world of vibration, frequency, and colour.

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