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The Process for Commissioning Work

It’s a wonderful feeling when you know that a piece of art is being created just for you. Something that makes your soul sing with joy when you look at it, and there are several ways we can achieve something truly unique and special.

A piece of Intuitive Energy Art, is created by connecting energetically with the space. I create for your soul, and the area in your home it will be hung. 

I can either visit you in person where we chat and I take time to really feel the space, or I can work from a video and photos of the area the art will be placed. We discuss colours you don’t like, and any work you have seen of mine that you particularly love. A commissioned piece of work from me is created through trust and energy connection.


I cannot recreate any of the pieces you may have seen, but I paint and produce something very powerful specifically for you.


Each piece is prepared in my studio space and garden, smudged with palo santo, with the charcoal produced then used to create marks on the canvas. I often place energy within using drumming techniques and vibration, breath work, and crystals.


The finished piece arrives to you ready to hang, with a certificate of authenticity.

This is just a guideline of pricing for unframed deep edge square canvas, although other sizes can be chosen when we have discussed the space and your requirements.

Very often a piece needs crystals and lots of 23k gold leaf, or we may prefer the work to be on smaller pieces of handmade rag paper, framed behind art glass. 

  • 14” :  £ 1500

  • 24” :  £ 2500

  • 30” :  £ 4500

  • 48” :  £ 8500


Some canvas pieces really lend themselves to being framed. Although I’m unable to do this myself, I have a superb local framer who understands the nature of my work and treats each piece with the respect it deserves. 


A non-refundable payment of half the quoted price is required for me to begin any work, with the balance due on completion. I aim to complete commissions within eight weeks, although it may be sooner depending on my schedule, and the moon phase! I tend to begin a piece on a New Moon and complete with a sealing ceremony at the Full Moon.


Please do get in touch to discuss your very own piece of Energy Art!

I can connect with you via a call or zoom, so we can chat about how I can create the perfect soul painting for your space. It's a truly beautiful process.

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