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Capturing the energy and flow of your wedding day.

I create a unique piece of Energy Art in real time that captures the energy, love, and vibrancy of your special day, for you to keep forever and pass on to future generations. 

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Live Event Wedding painting


What actually happens? 


I paint the energy of your event – please don’t expect an actual scene of yourself and the guests. This is a unique live commission of the channelled energies I interpret during the day, just for you.


Prior to the wedding we have a chat about the venue, and number of guests. I like to know the running order, so I can see where to position myself, and will arrive at least an hour before the ceremony to set up. If the wedding is in a church followed by the reception somewhere different, I will paint at the venue, not the church. 

As I’m channelling and painting the energy of the day, I will often walk around holding the canvas as I work. Don’t worry, I don’t make any mess!


I am fully insured to work off site and can give my insurance details to the venue if required.


There are a few different canvas sizes to choose from. I use high quality Loxley Gold deep edge canvas, and will have placed three crystals within the frame - Shungite, amethyst and rose quartz. My preferred medium is Golden acrylic fluid paint to enable flow and movement on the canvas. Each piece will be finished with 23k gold leaf and sealed with a matt high quality UV protective varnish. 


Your piece of unique art will be wrapped at the venue and placed in a bespoke hand painted bag ready for easy transportation. 


Live energy art is completed at the event, I do not bring work back with me.

How far do I travel? 


I'm based in Somerset, but can travel further. If this requires an overnight stay, my fee will obviously reflect this, and can be discussed at the time of enquiry.  

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How long does it take?


This depends on the venue and size of canvas, but generally I will have the piece completed with a light protective varnish within 3 - 5 hours.


Can I paint individual pieces?

Yes! I offer smaller 7 x 4" pieces on handmade rag paper of individual guests during my time at the event. The price of this is discussed during the consultation.

Live Event Wedding Art

Will the painting be framed?


There is no need for a canvas to be placed behind glass, but if you wish your painting to be in a tray frame, I can recommend a wonderful framer local to me.

I don’t frame them myself, but if you would like me to have it framed, this would involve an additional cost, as well as any shipping, and can take up to four weeks. 


Very often the paint will move to cover the edges of the canvas, so many clients like to see the extended drips when the painting is hung.


I will leave you with the necessary securing hooks and cord so it can be strung whichever way you decide. I will have signed and dated the back of the piece and added a certificate of authenticity sealed with my wax emblem.


If you have opted for additional paintings of individual guests, these are presented unframed in protective sleeves.


How much do I charge?


The smallest piece I work on at events is 14” square and costs £950

I can create larger pieces, so please contact me for pricing.

Additional pieces of your guests are charged as an extra depending on the number you require and time logistics.



How do I take bookings?


Just complete the contact form with the venue and the date

and I will be in touch within 48 hours.

I will require a fully refundable deposit of £100 to secure a booking.

The full balance will be due four weeks before the event. 

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