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The SECRETS Exhibition


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,

think in terms of energy, frequency, and VIBRATION.”

 ~ Nikola Tesla ~

Over the last year, I’ve become very aware of the secrets Mother Nature holds, and indeed, the secrets and dreams we all hold.


As my work is heavily inspired by nature, the colours, scents, sounds, rhythms, and seasons, I am naturally attuned to the landscape around me. I really feel a deep ancient energy within Mother Nature, that is constantly offering a reconnection, and healing to us all. Her secrets waiting to be discovered. 

Over the past few months it’s become apparent that my work is moving in circles! I’m literally painting vortexes. Maybe this is the connection to the cosmos, and the knowing that we are all from the stars?

When we are drawn to different colours, the energetic body is often craving healing from that vibration. When we are drawn to visit the forests, mountains or oceans, we are craving the energies from that space. We are ready to receive the healing Mother Nature is offering.

Holding an exhibition of highly vibrational pieces of work is so exciting!

Knowing a piece is being created specifically to share with the person who will discover this painting in the future, fills me with joy. It’s such a privilege witnessing someone standing in front of a painting that Mother Nature called me to create, and them discovering that this is their painting! The energy, the artist, and the viewer are connected at the same time, through the painting, and through the universal energy that called us to meet.


One Night Only.....

An Event Unlike Any Other....

 19th September


at The White Barn, South Petherton

TA13 5DG

This collection is all about SECRETS.

The colour. The Joy. The Frequency.



Please RSVP as there are drinks and gift bags being prepared. It's a large venue, so plenty of space to stand back and really looked into those SECRETS.

Just fill in the contact box below

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