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The VIBE Exhibition

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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,

think in terms of energy, frequency, and VIBRATION.”

 ~ Nikola Tesla ~


Everything in the universe is made up of energy that is constantly vibrating at different frequencies, including our bodies, thoughts, and emotions.


When we settle, and nudge away the monkey mind, we become more aware of the frequencies within nature. The way the countryside feels as the seasons change, and how bird song can really lift the spirits. Water and the oceans

can literally heal us just with the sound of the waves on the shore, and the water moving around us like a nurturing cocoon.


There is a correlation between sound frequencies, colour, and the VIBE it produces within the body. The chakras – energy centres from the Hindu tradition - are visualised as the colours of the rainbow, running through the midline of your body, and resonating to the scale of C. When music is played to the frequency of those spaces in the body, balance can be achieved.


When we are drawn to different colours, the energetic body is often craving healing from that vibration.


This Was
One Night Only.....

An Event Unlike Any Other....

(Held on June 2nd 2023

at The White barn, South Petherton)

Vibration, colour and pure joy brought this exhibition to another level! A combination of work from nature, colour from the chakras and vibrant pieces showing how mother earth has a story to tell.


This collection is all about the VIBE.

The colour. The Joy. The Frequency.


I wanted guests to have a full experience of really feeling the work I've created over the last twelve months.

Three collections - the Sprites that were brought through on the handmade rag paper  from rivers, and land in different parts of the country, the Carnival colour theme, and the Chakra collection.

We had a fully immersive experience of sound and colour to show how the frequency and vibration held within the art, can really be felt deep within the soul.

The was the most special and powerful exhibition to date! 

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