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Can't Be Bothered

I think this is the time of year when I realise how much priorities change with age. The Christmas parties you used to love, may not seem so appealing anymore - and that's nothing to do with the Rona, it's to do with how you choose to spend your time. It may also be due to having less events to go to in the first place.

I've never been a big party girl.

The works Christmas party, back in the day when I had two large salons, was a big event. Lots of planning and lots of staff, who would be excited about the big night out. Nails painted, hair done, new dress and taxis booked. That was about 15 years ago, but somehow it seems longer. I used to joke with MrH when we sold up and I moved here to Wayside House, that we should have a 'Christmas Do' just for us. We would end up booking somewhere lovely, with less stress, but still the need to find something to wear. Always a challenge for a menopausal woman who would be freezing cold one minute and then boiling hot the next.

Nowadays, I can't actually be bothered to go out at all.

Our Wedding Anniversary is near Christmas so we often book a restaurant to celebrate. Last year we went to the Pig near Honiton - NOT the best meal we have ever had. The menu was on a QR code clipped to a plant pot on each table - A PET HATE of mine, and when we asked if there was another way to look other than on our screens we were told there were printed menus but they didn't like using them. The prices you pay for the food aren't cheap, and I'm sure they could afford to laminate some wipeable sheets for people who either don't own a smart phone, or those that left them in the car and have to end up sharing their partners. We didn't get off to a good start, the food was very poor and the dining room was incredibly cold. But that was last year. No point dwelling on that! Let's move on.

This year will be different.

We have chosen a rather lovely restaurant that we know will be lovely and toasty warm, with amazing food and superb service, but that's it. We are returning to The Clockspire. .Just the one outing. I'm wondering if it's an age thing or just me? I used to love Christmas, although I'm in no rush to deck the halls. I think that's due to my old high street salon days when we would have to deck the windows at the end of November to promote gifts and vouchers. After all, we didn't want all those husbands wandering into Body Shop to buy things their wives didn't want!

I tend to deck around the 12th, and everything comes down on the 1st of January. Lots of greenery from the garden, but this year no tree. Before anyone says we should be able to train the puppy not to wreck the tree, we have decided that it's just not worth the stress. I'm training him well, but the temptation of glass baubles and ribbons right in front of him is just too much.

I do make mince pies and a Christmas cake - although this year we have had a disaster! I think air got in to the cake as it was resting between feeding with brandy, and we have MOULD!

If you want me, I'll be in front of the fire.

So, I have some stolen, a box of Belgian biscuits, my puppy and a log fire. I'll celebrate Yuletide with candles and garlands from the garden, while watching Love Actually, and I'll leave any parties and socialising to the youngsters.

If I don't get chance to write another blog post this side of Christmas,

I hope you all have a good one.

Merry Christmas!



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