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It's been nearly a month....

.....since my last blog post. Have I been super busy with clients/art/puppy, or have I just taken my eye of the social media ball for a while? Probably a mixture of all four to be honest!

For those who follow me for the art, you may not know that I'm also an Holistic Therapist - having trained in hairdressing and Beauty Therapy way back in 1984 -'87. Yes, I'm THAT old!

I've owned large salons, employed a big team of therapists and now I work here on the Somerset Levels on a one-to-one basis with facials, aromatherapy, massage, LaStone, and reiki. I don't do the more cosmetic treatments like nails and eyebrows - there are plenty of others out there doing a great job with that sort of thing.

Things Change.

My client base has changed over the years, with more and more people needing mindful relaxing treatments, that create peace and balance. This is even more apparent now with all that's been going on over the last 20 months. I've lost clients for various reasons, but I'm now gaining lots of new ones who are seeking me out. There seems to be a lovely little network of people looking for something a bit different. They want treatments that will help raise their vibrations, and help detox the body. I can put people in touch with herbalists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, reflexologists, osteopaths and other energy workers. Who would have thought back in the days of shoulder pads and white stilettos, that I would be here holding space for people who are becoming more aware of the energy of the planet and how it affects their bodies, and minds!

If you want to see what I do, click HERE, and yes, I treat everyone - There's no V status discrimination here. If you stopped visiting, and want to come back, that's fine too!

The art mojo needed a reboot.

The art side of things took a back seat, after losing Bobby. If I'm being honest, my arty vibe just wasn't there at all. I haven't started any new work, although I launched some of the oracle card originals earlier this month, and the actual cards are in the final process - nearly ready to create a test box!

I completed a piece I'd had on the back burner, but other than that, my time has been spent enjoying Puppy Jack-Star. After all, they aren't puppies for long! Mind you, I could quite easily zoom through this sharp biting stage, but with that comes lots of joy too. So, as with everything, it's about balance.

This piece needed some copper leaf.

Sometimes a piece needs to rest, just like us. I'd been looking at it for several months but my mind was getting in the way. I needed to rest. The piece needed to settle, and then BAM, it happened. Alchemy was required with some metallics, smudging and specific mark-making. Yes, he's available - YES, he is a HE, and that doesn't happen very often. At the time of writing this piece, he has no name, but he should be part of a collection I'm working on - Earth, Air, FIRE and Water.

He's 24" square deep edge canvas. I don't normally 'sell' through the blog, so if you like him, drop me a message. He's £950, and yes, part payment can be arranged.

And My Lack Of Social Media Presence?

I think this was a lot to do with the shut down of FB and Instagram last month. It made me realise how much we use it for the social side, and for me, the business side. I didn't feel I wanted to put my energies into a platform that has subtly changed it's ownership name to Meta. Overnight. Just like that. Subtly getting ready for the Metaverse. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for good tech, especially as I need it for my businesses, but this is just ramping up so fast that we didn't see it coming - like so much else out there at the moment.

We are so caught up in the world of Facebook and other platforms, that we have been smoked screened into seeing so much that lowers the human vibration. It does indeed depend on what you buy into and how you choose to use it. Fall down the rabbit hole and you can spend hour searching for things that will make you sick with worry. It's all controlled, it's what they want you to see.

Some of you won't know what I'm talking about, but many of you do. So limit your time. Choose wisely, and know that there are other places to find uncensored information.

So that's where I am.....

I'm back. I've painted, and the puppy is now 15 weeks old. I have opened my appointment book for an extra day each week to accommodate those needing treatments this side of Christmas, although I do have limited times available.

This is Jack, as I am writing this blog. 15 weeks and very long!



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