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Give me some of your loving

A blog of two halves .....

Without the old, there would be no young.

When we were young we often thought the old were annoying. They knew it all and would say things like, 'the youth of today, I don't know what the world is coming to!'

As we grew up and moved through life ourselves, we understood that the old had wisdom and things to share. At this point, let me mention that in our teens we thought old was about 50. So sit with that for minute.

In truth, the old were just our elders - our grandparents and teachers imparting wisdom upon us. My grandmothers taught me sew and knit, each being better at one that the other. My grandfather taught me how to prune roses and how to throw a pot on a potters wheel, not that I've ever potted since, but I remember it well. The rose pruning I use all the time! I learnt to type on an original sit up and beg type writer and one grand mother would have shown me how to skin a rabbit if I'd let her!

Respect your elders.

That's one of the teaching points in Reiki. You spend so much time in your life learning from your elders, so if you're a youngster reading this, don't 'diss-us'! Have your say, even teach us new things, but as far as wisdom goes, WE do have it you know, and before you know it, you will be old too.

Yes, there are young people who have 'wise heads on their young shoulders, and that's a whole subject in itself, but from where I it at the moment, the older generation sit here and we watch and we wait. We are holding a higher vibration than we did when we were younger, because that's what life is all about. Growth and learning. We are all on this amazing planet having a physical experience, so make the most of every piece of teaching you come across.

Why am I telling you this?

This is a blog of two halves, because that's how it came out! It wasn't meant to be written with a structure and a point right from the start. I wrote it in a new sketch book while I was literally waiting for paint to dry. A blog post was due and I had nothing to say. Tick Tock. The deadline was in my head, it wasn't a pressurised one, but I do like keep things up to dates, especially as I have the new website and social media connections doing really well. It wasn't a deadline from someone else, but it was mine.

A few years ago, I wrote a book - Journey to Woo Woo Land. I'd been told I could write a book, and I should, but I really didn't know where to start, so I wrote 'Apparently I'm writing a book........' and BAM, I was up and running. When I first started working on larger canvases, the biggest obstacle was the first mark, and the fear of making a mistake, messing up the canvas and not knowing what to DO. It was so daunting! Writing, painting, creating, it's all the same - you have to start somewhere.

Just DO IT.

Make a mark. Any mark. Close your eyes and do it no expectation and no agenda. Sometimes with just water and Reiki marks, but more often with a shungite crystal that will leave a light charcoal-like mark on the canvas. while adding protection and empowerment. Meditate, dance, bring Reiki through first - or all three! Eyes closed, make the mark and break the seal. What's the worse thing that can happen?

Whatever obstacle you are up against, you have a choice.

I sat in the orange chair this morning, worrying that I had nothing to say (those of you who follow me on social media will know this is my art wall viewing chair), and opened a new sketch book, closed my eyes, and wrote the words in my head which were from the music I was listening to - Give me some of your loving - and I was up and running!

Whatever obstacle you find in front of you, you have a choice. Turn back, step over it, kick it out of the way, or try another route. Don't stand still, keep moving. Rest if you need to, while you gather yourself and take a moment to raise your energies, but still move forwards. The obstacle you thought was huge, may actually be smaller when you reach it, and not be an obstacle after all. Stay on the path and deal with it, or find another way round. Whatever you do, take that step. Eyes closed, breathe deep, and just DO IT.

We are still in strange times.

Strange times and unchartered territories, but things are moving forwards. The things you are being told to buy in to, may not actually happen. The future is not written. Whatever obstacle you see or feel in front if you, can either be moved or you can change your path. So many clients are having moments of clarity. Is that you? THIS is the time for change. Close you eyes and move forward with no expectation and no agenda. When you start, the rest will follow.



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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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