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Venus in Blue Jeans

I had to be careful not to write Forever in Blue Jeans, because that's also a song, but actually both titles would work. Although it's Venus that was the real catalyst for the next phase in my life as an Energy Artist.

Venus is in Retrograde. It's not something I've ever been aware of until a couple of weeks ago. I always knew that Mercury does this every few months and people start panicking! If you don't know about it, life just carries on, until maybe something detrimental to your life happens, and you say, 'it must be something in the planets'.

There's lots of information on this if you have a little search on the ol' internet, or just click here.

So, the planet of love - Venus - is having her moment in the limelight until early September. She's also doing this in Leo season. MY Season! People worry that relationships are going to fall apart during this time, but we've had many of these planetary movements in my lifetime, and I'm still happily married, so I'm not taking much notice of that! In fact, if I hadn't started to paint something new, I wouldn't have known we are in it at all.

Planet Venus

I've felt the need to be quiet with my work over the past few weeks. Rather than start pushing on with a new collection for next year, I wanted to settle in and enjoy some stillness. During this time of rest after the VIBE Exhibition, I found myself drawn to the four elements - Earth Air Fire and Water - as the essential building blocks of creation, or as the four directions used in the Shamanic medicine wheel. Something was brewing, but I didn't know how it would develop. I just needed to get back in the studio and paint!

I had a canvas in the studio that needed to be reworked. The marks that were already there, could now be added to, and developed. Very much like life. When you look inwardly, you have so much to share and build upon. It may be an age thing, but it's getting strong and stronger. Like the Energy Art workshops I host - the more I teach, the more empowering they become for both myself and my guests.

She's calm, and beautiful....

The pre-loved, but slightly incomplete canvas was now ready to be re-worked. It hadn't been ready to be seen by the world. She was as if she was waiting for the right time. The time was now!

I painted over with some Farrow and Ball match pots a friend had donated to a new project I had planned. The texture of this paint was beautiful, although don't ask me the colours I used! It takes longer to dry than my usual acrylic paint, so I had time to allow the flow to show me a new direction. I had time to look inwardly and move with planet Venus, to what fills my heart with joy.

Beginning a piece of Energy Art

Venus is about joy and sensuality.

I had been in contact with a close artist friend about where my work was going, and how I was waiting for the next phase to begin. We had discussed the need to paint and just flow with it, and the fact I'd started a piece of work with different paints that was just calling me to flow differently.

It wasn't until she said, 'Well, Venus is in Retrograde you know.....' that everything fell in to place.

I found an article by Aliza Kelly.....

"Venus retrograde in Leo encourages us to experiment with love and beauty in new and exciting ways. Venus in Leo values loyalty, quality time, and affirmation, so when this planet moves in reverse, fears surrounding love and self-worth may bubble up to the surface. While it can be uncomfortable to face these anxieties, it’s important to make room to process your emotions through journaling, sharing your experiences with a trusted friend, or exploring a meditation practice. Ultimately, spending time with your shadow will bring you a greater sense of clarity."

She's my catalyst to the next phase.

The paint flowed so fast! Pastel tones and vibrant colour. A blue pigment like a pair of well worn jeans. Very often the name of a piece comes through as I'm painting but with this one the name came on my morning walk in the form of a song. I knew I couldn't call her 'Venus in Retrograde', because of the negative connotations, but she really was my Venus while I was bringing her through. She is a modern version of her. Not the Roman Goddess, and definitely not the negative fearful retrograde, but more like the Venus that would wear blue jeans.

Here's the finished piece....Venus in Blue Jeans.


She's now really in my life!

This retrograde and all that Venus has brought with her, has really helped move me into a whole new body of work. The 'Elements' that were sitting on the sideline as a quiet possibility for another exhibition, are now saying, YES! Do this! The flow of Venus in her modern blue jeans has been a real catalyst as we lead into my Leo season.

If you feel drawn to her, and feel that her sexy blue jeans are needed in your home, just drop me a message, but for now, she's in the studio giving the sensual love vibe to anyone who visits.



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